Packer’s Best Available Entering Day 2


Every year talented guys slip out the end of the first round of the NFL Draft, most years the Packers are not sitting near the top of Round 2 ready to seize one of those fallers. Typically if the guy makes it back around to Green Bay in that 54-64 range, they have a serious flaw that the Packers cannot afford to risk. The Packers went defense with their first two picks, well this was not a shock to most, it sets up for an offensive laden day two for Green Bay in the Draft. With that said here are some of the guys me and my co-writer Andrew Flegel feel are best suited to come to Green Bay.





  • Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida


The Packers could use reinforcements on the offensive line, I don’t think there is anyway around that. Taylor was ranked the 10th best prospect in the Draft by ESPN. That seems good. I expected the Packers to select him at 12 and then when they traded up at 21 I assumed it was for Taylor. Clearly something is wrong with him, I’ve seen some assertions it is a leg issue. At a point Taylor will be too talented to pass on, is that 44?


  • D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss


A week ago this seemed impossible, that Metcalf, the stud wideout from Ole Miss, could possibly slide this far. Over the last week the tune around Metcalf changed and focused a bit more on his flaws (lateral quickness, cuts). I did not want Metcalf at 12, I was hesitant at 30, much less 21. At 44 I think he provides pretty good value for the Packer even with his flaws.


  • A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss


Brown is one of my favorite receivers in this class, he is the type of dynamic receiver you want on your team. He has a lot of great traits, but there are clear reasons he made it through round 1, he is not an elite burner or blessed with elite size. There is talent there though, he was incredibly productive in college and ran a 4.49 40 time.


  • Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama


The two Iowa TEs got drafted high, at a price that likely was too rich for the Packers blood, but they still need a TE long term so perhaps Irv Smith is the guy! Smith is definitely a worthy consolation prize, as he profiles fairly well above average across the board. Could grow into a consistently top 10 tight end in green and gold.


  • Greedy Williams, CB, LSU


Greedy is quick and has good ball skills. The Packers could definitely use another guy in the secondary, until we know for sure what Kevin King is, and that he is able to stay healthy. The one red flag here is that Williams shys away from contact unless necessary, and Pettine hated when Clinton-Dix did that.


  • Byron Murphy, CB, Washington


Murphy is the other top corner on the board, has elite ball skills and great instincts, but the size especially wingspan is underwhelming. Both Murphy and Williams are likely decade long starters, but lack that sort of guarantee of success most first round corners are attached with.




  • Greedy Williams


Greedy Williams’ measurables are off the charts. Some had him as the first defensive back off the board, while others had him falling to the second, which he did, obviously. The knock against Williams is being viewed as a “buffet tackler,” or a guy who picks and chooses where he is going to tackle. Williams would immediately contribute for the Packers along with Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson as corners.


  • Jawaan Taylor


Jawaan Taylor plays offensive line. The Packers need offensive linemen. Taylor was a projected first round pick on just about every draft board but slipped after Jonah Williams, Christ Lindstrom, Garrett Bradbury, Andre Dillard, Tytus Howard, and Kaleb Mcgary were taken in the first. Look for Taylor to be a top target for the Packers if he also falls to 44 which is unlikely.


  • Irv Smith Jr.


Irv Smith Jr. is the closest to TJ Hockenson that the Packers were going to get after he went to Detroit. Smith has been a proven blocker on the edge while being able to rumble after the catch in the passing game. The Packers’ run game showed some life with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams last year and a guy who can secure the edge as an H-Back or standard tight end would be a major addition.


  • Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina/A.J. Brown


I think it is more realistic to say Deebo Samuel would be available at 44, but A.J. Brown would be a great pick up for the Packers. Both receivers are legit NFL slot threats with Brown having a better outlook. Samuel is a bully out on the field and shows physicality to get open, while Brown is extremely quick and a phenomenal route runner which he utilizes to free himself from defensive backs. Either player would help fill the void left by Randall Cobb and potentially upgrade the position.


  • Drew Lock, QB, Missouri / Will Grier, QB, WVU


Some of you may log off after seeing quarterbacks on the Packers’ best available, but please hang on for a minute. The Packers have done this before with Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, and Aaron Brooks behind Brett Favre. As far as Aaron Rodgers’ career goes, it seems as though there are about four or five legitimate seasons left in him before considering moving on to a new quarterback. In the meantime, the Packers could scoop up a formidable backup in either Lock or Grier and look to flip one of them for more picks later on as they did with Hasselbeck, Brunell, and Brooks. This may not be the best option for them at the time, but it may be a long game move if Green Bay does not view itself as a playoff team right now



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