Obviously, the first time the Pro Bowlers were announced, everybody and their grandmas knew Packers running back, Aaron Jones was snubbed. Rarely, however, does a player get snubbed from the Pro Bowl TWICE in one season but that’s exactly what happened to Aaron Jones last Thursday night. That night, fans found out that possible Offensive Player of the Year, Christian McCaffrey, pulled out of the February game and was replaced by Saints running back, Alvin Kamara. Kamara is a great, well-known player who had another solid season but there’s no way that he should be in the Pro Bowl over Aaron Jones.

Aaron Jones had an incredible season, one of the best by any Packer running back in franchise history. Jones ended the 2019 regular season with 285 touches for 1,558 yards and a remarkable 19 total touchdowns. Throughout the year he had 5, 100 yard rushing games as well as 6 multi-touchdown games. All of this was good enough for an AV of 12. 

In comparison, Alvin Kamara had 252 total touches on the season for 1,330 yards and 6 touchdowns. He never managed to have a 100 yard rushing game and only had 3 multi-touchdown games. However, he was still able to have an AV of 12. 

When comparing their numbers, which is what should matter to be in the Pro Bowl, Jones had more touches, more total yards, more touchdowns, more 100 rushing yard games, and more multi-touchdown games, but, Kamara did manage to have the same AV as Jones. 

No offense to Alvin Kamara, he has been a great player throughout his entire career, but he just wasn’t on Aaron Jones’ level this season. For Aaron Jones to not make the Pro Bowl, this is something the NFL needs to address in the future when it comes to Pro Bowl voting.


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