The Packers have gotten off to a dream start this season. They have beaten some of the best teams in the NFC like the Bears, Vikings, and Cowboys on their way to a 4-1 record. At 4-1, they find themselves on top of the NFC North going into Week 6. Since 2008 whenever the Packers have found themselves in a successful stretch it has always been because of one guy, Mr. Aaron Rodgers. However, 2019 has been a different story. Green Bay is one of the best team’s in the NFL and they have done it without the magic of Aaron Rodgers. 

Through five games this season, Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 1,307 yards, 1 pick, and only 6 touchdowns. He also has a completion percentage of 62.8% which is lower than guys like Jacoby Brissett, Kirk Cousins, and Andy Dalton. At this point Rodgers is on pace to throw 4,182 yards with 3 picks and 19 touchdowns. To put that touchdown number into perspective, Derek Carr and Jameis Winston were the only two quarterbacks to throw 19 touchdowns last season and they were considered bottom-feeders of the NFL. If Rodgers ended with the stats he’s on pace for, that would be the least amount of touchdowns he has ever thrown for in a full season and the fourth fewest yards. 

Rodgers’ best start of the season came in Week 2 against the Vikings in a game where he barely threw for 200 yards. In that win, he threw for 209 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 picks. 

Aaron Rodgers seems to find himself in the position where he’s too good to be considered a game manager but isn’t putting up the numbers to be in the conversation with Patrick Mahomes and company. He’s overthrowing passes he used to always make and doesn’t quite look as mobile. Although, a couple times per game, Rodgers still makes plays that make a Packer fan say, “How in the hell did he do that?” 

Whether we’re watching the decline of Aaron Rodgers or just a down year, Rodgers doesn’t seem to be worried. After Green Bay’s win against Dallas, Rodgers was asked about his statistical drop off this season and he responded by saying, “I’ve accomplished a lot statistically in this league. I just want to win now.” It’s a great thing to hear out of the vocal quarterback’s mouth and something Green Bay fans should be excited about. It’s good to know that it’s not all on Aaron’s shoulders this season and he doesn’t have to play out of his mind for the Packers to win. 


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