The Packers’ Dream Draft Day Scenario


Like most football fans around the world, waking up to draft day is one of the best feelings around. Especially during a time where there aren’t any live sports to watch, and the idea of sports in the future distracts us from what we are experiencing in the present. Tonight is the NFL Draft. Unlike every other year, this year’s draft is going to be done virtually. Packers General Manager, the man who will choose the future of the Green Bay Packers, will be comfortably sitting in his living room instead of a war room filled with monitors, phones, and Packer front office personnel. There is no doubt that this year is going to be different and it would be to no surprise if there is a hiccup or two along the way. Society needs the draft today, as it allows us to look forward to the future. 


The Green Bay Packers have 10 draft picks in this year’s draft:

Round 1- 30

Round 2- 62

Round 3- 94

Round 4- 136

Round 5- 175

Round 6- 192, 208, 209

Round 7- 236, 242


This is the Packers’ realistic Dream Draft Scenario for 2020. Every team wants to win the Super Bowl AND have the first overall pick in the draft, but that is nearly impossible. The amount of draft picks that a team would have to give up to do that would be unfeasible. 


In other words, if this scenario plays out tonight, Packers fans everywhere should be pleased.


The Packers trade back into the second round, back from pick 30, and swap with a team like the LA Chargers or the Panthers to land in the mid-30’s, or swap with the Browns or Jaguars and land in the early 40’s. This would allow them to do a few things. 


First, it would allow them to presumably pick up another draft pick in the mid-rounds via the trade, and there are plenty of good players that are going to be there at the beginning of the second round. If Brian Gutekunst can rack up some more draft ammunition in the late 2nd or early 3rd rounds, that is a recipe for success. 


Picking a guy like Jalen Reagor out of TCU in the early second round would be a phenomenal choice for the Packers. Reagor is fast, agile, and would be a great choice for the Packers’ offense. 


Second, it would allow them to move around in the middle to late rounds, adjusting their own queue for what is left on the draft board.


Let’s say the Packers do swap picks with the NY Giants.


Packers get: Pick 36, pick 99

Giants get: Pick 30


This, while someone unrealistic because the Giants move up only 6 spots, would be a dream scenario for the Packers.


Their draft board for the first three rounds would then look like this:


Round 2- 36, 62

Round 3, 94, 99


The guys who are going to build your franchise for years to come are found in the middle rounds. This isn’t to downplay the role that the guys chosen in the first round can have on a franchise, but the middle rounds is where a multitude of franchise players are found. The Packers could find their future quarterback contender in these rounds. Although highly unlikely to beat out Aaron Rodgers for the starting job, would at the least shift the franchise’s eyes to the future.


With this scenario, the Packers would have a total of four picks in the second and third round. That is some pretty hefty ammunition. Brian Gutekunst could combine a few of those picks, and possibly one or two of their 6th round picks and move up to grab a guy, similar to what they did last year with Darnell Savage, moving up to the 21st spot and drafting him. 


Now a lot of mock drafts have the Packers moving up in the first round, but I don’t see that happening. This draft class is very deep with wide receivers, linebackers, and offensive lineman. There is no doubt the Packers will find a guy they like in the early or mid second round, whichever course they may take. 


I see the Packers loading up on picks in the early to middle rounds, leveraging that ammunition to possibly trade up and grab a guy they really like. 


The Packers also have a bunch of picks in the later rounds:


Round 5- 175

Round 6- 192, 208, 209

Round 7- 236, 242


The six picks that they have in rounds 5-7 won’t be used then. Meaning, the Packers will undoubtedly combine a pick or two or three and trade up into the middle rounds. I don’t foresee Brian Gutekunst being quiet on draft night either. 


Due to Gute’s willingness to make moves in his first two drafts, it would be to nobody’s surprise to see the Packers trade and move around. 


It would be to no surprise if the Packers moved back into the second round tonight, then move up into the third round this weekend. 


They have needs at WR, ILB, IDL, and possibly RB. Gutekunst understands this and if he finds a guy he needs on his football team, it would be a familiar sight to watch him move up in the draft board to get him. 



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