NFC North Standings

Vikings: 4-2-1 (Next three games, vs Saints, vs Lions, @ Bears)

Packers: 3-2-1 (Next three games, @ Rams, @ Patriots, vs Dolphins)

Lions: 3-3 (Next three games, vs Seahawks, @ Vikings, @ Bears)

Bears: 3-3 (Next three games, vs Jets, @ Bills, vs Lions)

NFC Wild Card Standings

Panthers: 4-2 (Next three games, vs Ravens, vs Buccaneers, @ Steelers)

Packers: 3-2-1 (Next three games, @ Rams, @ Patriots, vs Dolphins)

Seahawks: 3-3 (Next three games, @ Lions, vs Chargers, @ Rams)

Buccaneers: 3-3 (Next three games, @ Bengals, @ Panthers, vs Redskins)

The Green Bay Packers have their hands full in the upcoming weeks. In Week 8, they are going up against the Los Angeles Rams (7-0) on the road. The Rams have one of the top offenses in the league led by Todd Gurley II and one of the top defenses led by Aaron Donald. The Packers will have to be more consistent than they have been on both sides of the ball if they want to stay in the game. According to the gamblers and analysts of the world, Green Bay is considered the underdog. However, with Aaron Rodgers on the team, anything can happen.

Through 7 games in the 2018 season, Gurley II already has 14 total touchdowns. (Photo via

After the Rams, the Packers will be taking on the New England Patriots. For the last decade, the Patriots have been an elite team led by all-time greats, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Patriots have always been a tough team to beat and Week 9 will be no different. Perhaps, this will be the most difficult game of the regular season considering they will be coming off a week where the had to play the Rams. The Patriots’ coaching staff know exactly how to pick apart the holes in any team they face, so the Packers will have to be sharp and ready to play right at kickoff.

Tom Brady is currently 3rd All-Time in career passing touchdowns. (Photo found on

In Week 10, Green Bay will be at home against the Miami Dolphins. The “Fins” are a sneaky, scrappy, good team this year. Whether it has been Ryan Tannehill or Brock Osweiler starting at quarterback, they always find a way to stay in the game. The Packers can’t overlook a team like the Dolphins or the game can get out of reach quickly.
If Green Bay isn’t at their best for the next 3 games, they could easily go 0-3. If the Packers are the playoff team we all hope they are, they will need to win at least 2 of the next 3 games to stay close to the top in the NFC North division. Who knows, if the Packers don’t get close to winning the NFC North, we could be witnessing the end of the Rodgers/McCarthy era…

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