Youngin’s Week 14: Cleveland


The Packers managed a 14 point fourth quarter comeback against the worst team in football, giving Aaron Rodgers reason to play in Carolina. Green Bay leaned heavily on it’s youth against the youngest team in football. It was an ugly game, I was in despair in the third quarter, ready to choose an offseason book to start reading, but Brett Hundley got the job done.

Your Youngin’s:

Jermaine Whitehead: The second year undrafted safety deserves an honorary mention for youngin of the week. The Packers snapped him the ball on the opening drive’s fake punt attempt. The Browns looked to have it covered, but Whitehead made a play, stiff arming the defender in the face, en route to picking up seven yards for the first down. The Packers would score a very important touchdown, then on the following kick off, Whitehead snagged the return man in a one on one situation, to stop a promising return.

Geronimo Allison: Allison got his first real run since his week three heroics against Cincinnati. He brought in four catches for 29 yards, on four targets. Brett Hundley looked really comfortable throwing to the back up receiver. Allison and Hundley built a chemistry with the second unit, would have been interesting to see him used more over the last eight games.

Kyler Frackrell: With the absence of Nick Perry, Frackrell needed to continue his solid play. He finished the game with one sack and three tackles. The sack was nice, but largely he had a pretty average game. Nick Perry is in question for the upcoming Panthers game, so Frackrell could get another nice opportunity in the playoff like match up.

Kenny Clark: Clark has been playing injured since his ankle was rolled against the Baltimore Ravens. Since then, the Packers run defense has taken a major hit. He’s still making plays, but the defensive line hasn’t been limiting the holes as well the past two weeks. He recorded three tackles. Carolina just beat the Vikings through their run game, the Pack need Kenny to have one of his better games this weekend.

Vince Biegel: The rookie out of Wisconsin recorded three tackles against Cleveland. Most notably, his special teams tackle on the Cleveland return man Matthew Dayes. Dayes had created space for himself once again, and Biegel chased him down in an one on one situation.  The Packers special teams made three huge plays on Sunday.

Trevor Davis: Davis finally had his big moment return Sunday. Whew did he make something out of nothing. The return gave the Packers a short field on the game tying drive that finished with a Brett Hundley to Davante Adams back shoulder touchdown. Davis was able to make five Cleveland special teamers miss, setting his return team up with blocks that allowed him to spring the 65 yard return.

Aaron Jones: The week after looking like he had his burst back on his game winning 20 yard touchdown run, Jones couldn’t get anything going against Cleveland. The Packers in general lost the line battle, making it a long day for the running game. Hopefully the week does Jones well, and he can contribute in Carolina.

Jamaal Williams: The rook has another big game, finishing with 118 yards from scrimmage. There weren’t many holes to run through Sunday, locking him in for 49 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown. His biggest contributions came through the passing game, where he caught seven passes for 69 yards, including a 30 yard touchdown catch on the first possession of the game. Hundley should buy Williams a beer for helping him get to three wins.

Youngin of the week:

Brett Hundley: He got the job done, returning to the bench as the Packers sit at (7-6). Hundley has been terrific when the team runs no huddle, looking like he’s playing based on his instincts instead of over thinking his reads. Green Bay’s offense looked dead in the water. I was allowing myself to accept that we’d have three more Brett Hundley starts when the Packers fell 21-7 near the end of the third quarter. Then the Packers offense picked it up, slowly moving down the field with slant routes and drop off passes to Jamaal Williams. Hundley led the Packers to three touchdown drives over their last four possessions. A punch in run from Jamaal Williams, followed by a back should pass to Adams with less than twenty seconds on the clock, and of course the game winning screen pass and run to Adams. With the season on the line, Hundley stepped it up, forced overtime, then took the ball and scored on back to back weeks. Hundley’s talent will be of much debate this offseason, the team will almost surely test the market on him, but there’s a very good chance he returns to Green Bay next season. Should he be forced to step in and play again, you’d think after an offseason of working on his mistakes, he’d be significantly better.


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