Bucks Season Review: Brandon Jennings


2017-2018 season NBA stats:

  • Field goal % (.375)
  • 3 point % (.273)
  • Minutes per game (14)
  • Points (5.2)
  • Assists (3.1)
  • Rebounds (2.2)
    • Offensive (0.4)
    • Defensive (1.9)
  • Steals (0.4)


Overview: The 10th overall pick in the 2009 draft from China played a pretty solid part in the latter half of the Bucks season despite only playing in 14 NBA contests impacting the team even on the bench.


Brandon Jennings was mainly brought in to fill a void at a very thin point guard position consisting of a healthy Bledsoe and Terry. It will be very interesting to see what the Bucks see with Jennings in the future because when this man is feeling it he is a hard guard to stop.



Highlights: Almost every single Bucks fan was ecstatic when the deer decided to sign former Buck Brandon Jennings to his first of a few ten-day contracts. Brandon Jennings only appeared in 14 regular season games. That is still a pro because he was a free agent when signed to the Bucks. Jennings brings a certain energy and swagger to the Bucks that no other player on the roster can bring. His passion for the game of basketball is unreal.


When Brandon Jennings gets hot he stays hot. When he’s on he can sink even some of the most contested shots with defenders in his face from behind the perimeter. Jennings’s defense is a very underrated part of his game averaging almost two steals per game and 4 boards playing for the Wisconsin Herd.


The Bucks needed point guard play after Delly and Brogdon went down with somewhat long-term injuries. The only player that was able to backup Bledsoe for the deer was an aging Jason Terry. Jennings’s debuted for the Bucks on March 12 against the Grizzlies dropping 16 points, 2 assists, and 4 rebounds in only 24 minutes of play.


Lowlights: Brandon Jennings was signed later in the season so there wasn’t much time for him to show what he can do for the Bucks long-term and was more of an injury replacement.


The twitchy quickness he once possessed has disappeared with age (28.) When he is hot he’s on fire but when he is cold he stays cold. Does not take the most wide-open shots. Can be very streaky. Used to having the ball in his hands instead of getting it to Giannis.



Grade: B


Given the amount of time he was on the floor and the way he impacted the bucks on and off the floor, he deserves a solid grade even if he didn’t get as much play time as anticipated.


Role for next year: Stated above, this is going to be an interesting story to follow heading into the offseason. The contract was just until the end of the season, and could prove to be a whole heck of a lot cheaper especially if the Bucks are trying to make big moves this offseason.


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