Cream City Central 2020 NFL Prospects: Mekhi Becton


Our last offensive tackle prospect is Mekhi Becton of Louisville.  Since the beginning of the 2019 season, Becton has been soaring his way up the draft boards.  Where will he land in April? 



Sam Dehring 

Mekhi Becton is a mountain of a man.  At 6’7 369 ibs., any team would be lucky to have a player like him.  He is a powerful force and is quick for his size.  

Becton is an explosive force in the run game.  For his size, Becton has tremendous athleticism and guys normally do not move as fluid and he does.  His technique is spot on and there will be several plays where he destroys defenders quite easily. If I had to pick which one (run or passing game) he is more efficient in, it is tough because he is so powerful with both.  I like his run game efficiency a lot and there are times where he will be used as a pulling tackle with his speed, and teams will fall in love with that trait.  

In the passing game, Becton has only allowed four sacks throughout his college career.  His size makes him tough to get past and he has elite vision down the field.     

Christian John

Mekhi Becton is a man amongst boys. He stands 6’7 369 lbs. There are few people as big as him in the game. As expected with his size, Becton is extremely strong. He bullies people and is a true “people mover”. 

He’s more than just a guy who’s got good size and strength, but he’s also athletic. Becton has decent quickness for how large he is. He moves his feet well. He also can pull and has the ability to get out in front and be a lead blocker on screen passes. 

Quin Voet 

Of all the offensive tackles we’ve talked about so far, Becton is the most mountainous, and that’s saying something, as he comes in at 6’7” and 369 lbs. With the size comes effectiveness as he has a ton of length, power and even flexibility. He is a giant who will beat you up all game if you’re lining up opposite of him. His biggest strength and asset is his ceiling. He has all the size and physical ability to be a dominating NFL left tackle for years to come. 



Sam Dehring 

Mekhi Becton does not really have major red flags.  However, his weight may become a bit of a concern if he does not stay consistent with it.  He is very talented and has soared his way up the draft boards. There were coaches at Louisville that wanted Becton to lose some of his body fat to keep him healthy.  I do not see this affecting his draft stock a whole lot, but it will be something to work with.   

Christian John 

Becton’s size is a strength, however, it can easily become a weakness. At 369 lbs. He can quickly become too heavy. If he carries too much excess body fat he could slow down. When you make 

the jump to the NFL that’s the wrong direction. The NFL is markedly faster than the ACC. The other issue with it could be injuries. You never want a player too heavy because the weight can put stress on the body and cause injury problems.  

Quin Voet 

With his great size also comes a weakness, as he’s had weight issues in the past. If he can’t control the weight and it gets too out of hand then he could be a wasted pick. Whatever team that picks him will probably help him, but when it comes down to it, he needs to eat healthy on his own. Because he relies a lot on his size to bully defenders, his technique could improve, especially with his hands. I think this is fixable and will improve over the span of his career. 


Draft Projection: Where will the star Louiville offensive tackle land in the 2020 NFL Draft?   

Sam Dehring 

Mekhi Becton has the talent to be selected in the top 10.  The perfect fit would be the Arizona Cardinals, who need more protection for Kyler Murray.  Another great fit would be the Cleveland Browns, who need another franchise tackle to protect Baker Mayfield.  There is a chance that some of these teams might value players like Tristan Wirfs or Jedrick Wills Jr. over Becton.  So, will he be selected in the top 10? I would say so as of right now. But, is there a chance he falls because teams value those guys over Becton?  Yes.   

Christian John 

Mekhi Becton has the size, ability and potential to be a top-10 pick. He can step in and start at tackle for many teams early in the draft. Teams like the Browns and Cardinals could use this behemoth on their line. Unless he comes to the combine heavier than what he is now expect him to go early in the first round. 

Quin Voet 

Becton’s size and physical prowess makes him NFL-ready almost immediately. Unless he has weight issues this summer, he can easily be slotted in to be a team’s left tackle. I don’t expect teams to pick him over Thomas or Wirfs, but they could very well take a chance on him early because he can bring so much improvement to a team right away. He shouldn’t slide past the mid-second round but don’t be surprised if there’s a playoff team in the late first that takes him.  


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