Draft Profiles: Troy Fumagali


The signing of Martellus Bennett was a huge disappointment during the 2017 season. He was expected to help spread out the Green Bay Packers offense and make even more dangerous. Once Aaron Rodgers went down, it seemed Bennett’s interest for playing in Green Bay went down too. When it was all said and done, Bennett was released during the season, and the signing was one of the worst in the NFL. With Richard Rodgers a free agent, it leaves the Packers with Wisconsin Badger alum, Lance Kendricks, as the only tight end on the roster. There are bigger needs for the Packers right now, but tight end is something to look at, especially later in the draft. Enter another Wisconsin Badger alum, Troy Fumagalli.

Fumagalli’s Strengths

Fumagalli has an excellent frame for a tight end. At 6’6” and 248 pounds, his height will cause matchup problems for anyone covering him. Even though he is missing a finger on his left hand, Fumagalli has some of the best hands of all tight ends/receivers in college football. Remember that epic one-handed catch in the Cotton Bowl versus Western Michigan? He is also a great blocker too. Learning from some of the best at Wisconsin, Fumagalli was able to work with arguably the best offensive line in the country. In turn, his run and pass blocking is amazing.

Fumagalli’s Weaknesses

He isn’t athletic by any means. He lacks speed, but he makes up for it with his great possession skills. He won’t be the fast tight end who can help spread the field like Jermichael Finley was for the Packers, but that doesn’t stop Fumagalli from making an impact on the field.  

Where will he be drafted?

Because of the way the tight end position is played, Fumagalli’s lack of athleticism will cause him to slip down in the draft. A late day two selection looks the most likely, but don’t be surprised if Fumagalli isn’t taken until day three of the draft. Fumagalli’s name should be called between rounds three through five. 

How does he fit on the Packers?  

His Great height will make him an amazing end zone threat. Similar to Richard Rodgers in 2015, he could really rack up touchdowns just because all a quarterback would have to do is lob the ball up to Fumagalli. Catching has been a problem for the Packers as of late. It isn’t a surprise to see a couple of drops every game, and that is frustrating to watch as a fan. His great catching ability will reduce the number of drops we see a game. Ultimately, I don’t think he is a starting tight end, but the Packers run a lot of two tight end formations, especially in the red zone. He won’t lack playing time on a stacked Packers offense.


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