Gute Continues to Shock, Draft RB AJ Dillon


Following a pattern of shocking picks, the Packers selected Boston College running back, AJ Dillon with the 62nd overall pick. At 6’0, and 250 lbs, Dillon has drawn some comparisons to Brandon Jacobs and Leonard Fournette. During his three years at Boston College, he was quite consistent, having two seasons with over 1,500 yards and 14 TDs.

His strengths are mostly his size. In the passing game, he’s an ideal protection guy. He’s excellent between the tackles or short yardage back. When given momentum as a deep setback, he has the power and frame to punish defensive players endlessly, throughout games.

Dillon’s biggest weakness is his lack of production in the passing game. In his three years at Boston College, he only had 31 receptions and 236 receiving yards. I do not expect him to be great in the passing game at the next level and he doesn’t have to be. He can be the punishing boulder that just pounds between the tackles. 

Overall this pick makes absolutely no sense from a need standpoint or a future standpoint. He offers an absolute zero as a receiver and the Packers already have two tremendous backs in Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones, the latter being the second best receiving running back in the league. Many are speculating this pick is for the future as they do not want to pay Aaron Jones star-player money.  But replacing your second best receiver with a guy who can’t catch at all is quite questionable. Also, Dillon was speculated to be going in the 4th-5th round area so it’s quite the reach. Maybe his value as a boulder might justify the means, but I am completely not sold as him being a replacement for Aaron Jones.


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