For almost the last 30 years, two men have led the Green Bay Packers at the quarterback position, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. One is in the Hall of Fame and the latter is no doubt a lock for Canton. Seeing anyone else other than Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers at quarterback for the green and gold is an odd sight but a sight that is inevitable. 

15 years to the day Ted Thompson made his gutsiest move as Packers GM, Brian Gutekunst made his gutsiest move as Packers GM as he traded up to draft QB Jordan Love, the quarterback of the future. We are all well aware that Rodgers is on the “back nine” of his football career, now the Packers front office and coaching staff seems to think so too. 

Or so we think…

The first comparison we can make with the Rodgers/Love situation is the Favre/Rodgers situation. However, when digging deeper, the Brady/Garoppolo situation seems to fit just as well if not more. Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. By that point, it had been nine years since the Patriots won a Super Bowl. 2011 was the last Super Bowl win for the Packers, nine years ago. Brady still has aspirations to play for quite some time, as does Rodgers. 

The tensions between Brady and Garoppolo have been well documented and it was apparent that Brady was the force that drove the Patriots to eventually send Jimmy G to San Francisco. But, that was not before Tom won two Super Bowls and was having an MVP season as Garoppolo was on the way out. Clearly, the Patriots were letting their intentions be known by taking what seemed at the time to be Brady’s successor but Brady was not giving up his starting job anytime soon. 

Drafting Jordan Love could be the chip on the shoulder that Aaron Rodgers needs. Rodgers play may not be declining but it certainly has not been improving over the last couple of seasons. A little bit of fire in Rodgers can help Green Bay get back to the Super Bowl, just like it did for Tom Brady. 

In fact, head coach Matt LaFleur said that he expects Aaron Rodgers to be the leader of the Packers for a long time. 

After spending a first-round pick on Love, it is safe to assume he will be the next franchise quarterback for the Packers, and hopefully the third straight Hall of Fame quarterback to wear the green and gold. But, the move could end up being similar to what happened with the Patriots with Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo situation. Could Jordan Love be the catalyst for Aaron Rodgers ending his career at the highest level? Only time will tell. 



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