Mason Crosby is the Packers’ Mr. Reliable


Mason Crosby has been a staple for the Green Bay Packers over the past 12 seasons. Crosby kicked his way to becoming the Packers’ all time leading scorer with 1,564 points and won two games for the Packers this season against the Detroit Lions. The career of Mason Crosby is one that many kickers want to have, but it did not come without low points.

Crosby’s time with the Packers was not always a happy marriage. Looking back to 2012, Crosby posted a career low 63.6% for made field goals that season after receiving a new contract. Many expected Crosby to be replaced in 2013, but Crosby showed the perseverance that Packer fans have become accustomed to over his 12-year career. The following season Crosby posted a career high in field goal percentage and connected on a 57-yard field goal, which was the second longest of his career. Over the next six seasons, Crosby would continue his consistent play and become one of only five kickers to make 100% of their extra points in 2015. He put 36 of his 36 attempts through the uprights the first year the extra point moved the two yard line (20 yard- attempt) to the 15-yard line (33-yard attempt). Crosby’s spot on the team seemed like a guarantee every season with how well he was playing, that was until the 2018 season.  

Mason Crosby experienced a roller coaster ride over the past two years. Rewind to week five against the Detroit Lions at Ford field which went down as Mason Crosby’s worst game of his career. Crosby went 1-6 from field goal attempts missing at 41, 42, 38, 33 (extra point), and 56 yards before finally connecting on a 41-yard attempt with seven seconds remaining in the game. Fans and teammates did not know how to react to this type of game from Mason Crosby. Here is a video showing Rodgers encouraging long-time teammate and friend during his struggles. 

One thing was sure that Rodgers’ still had faith in his long time kicker. He told the media, “I think he’s one of the greatest kickers of all time,. . .  We have a ton of faith in him. He’s done it for a long time, made some big kicks for us over the years.” 

How did Crosby respond to this game? In classic Crosby fashion. The rest of the 2018 Crosby went 19 for 21 on field goals, which was good for a 95.2% connection rate from weeks 6-17. Crosby once again showed the perseverance that made him one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL. 

Crosby turned his season around after week five, but that did not guarantee him a spot on the team in 2019. New head coach Matt LaFleur wanted to be sure that Crosby was the right kicker for the Green Bay Packers. For the first time in many seasons, Crosby was entering a training camp battle with former Rams and current Jets kicker Sam Ficken. Crosby ultimately won the training camp battle and once again went into the 2019 regular season as the Packers’ kicker. His training camp battle was over, but his family was entering a new battle off the field.

Mason Crosby’s wife was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer during the summer and after the Packers’ last preseason game received surgery to remove the tumor in her lung. The surgery seemed to be a success, but the Crosby family still had to wait to see if the cancer was gone. Eight weeks later they received the great news that Molly Crosby is cancer free. 

How did Crosby celebrate this great news? Take a look for yourself. 

Crosby nailed the game winner against the team he missed five kicks against last season and capped it off with a (an assisted) Lambeau Leap. 

Fast forward to week 17 once again at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions and Mason Crosby was called on once again. The Packers were in desperate need of a win that would guarantee a first round bye in the playoffs. The Packers did not lead for a single second of the game, and even went into halftime with a 17-3 deficit. The Packers came storming back in the second half and tied the game at 20-20. 

After a screen pass that Aaron Jones turned into a 31- yard gain, the Packers were in position to win the game. With three seconds left Crosby took the field to redeem himself in the same stadium that a season ago he experienced the worst game of his career. Once again, Crosby led the Packers to a victory against the Detroit Lions. 

Mason Crosby once again became Mr. Reliable for the Packers. Since his week five game against the Detroit Lions, Mason Crosby has gone 107 for 112 on field goals and extra points for the Packers. He also posted a career high field goal percentage with 91.7%. 

Crosby gave the Packers a first round bye and is ready to help contribute to a Super Bowl run. Whether the Packers make it to the Super Bowl or not, Crosby put himself back as one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL.


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