Packers Trade Up to Take Darnell Savage


Green Bay just landed a Savage in the secondary, by trading the 30th overall pick as well as two 4th round picks to trade up to pick number 21 and getting Darnell Savage the Safety out of Maryland.

The Packers are stacking the deck on defense with their first two picks being on the defensive end of the ball and filling a needed position in Safety. I know that the term “burner” is a draft day cliché but it is hard to describe Savage as anything else, with a 4.36 40 yard dash and a 39.5″ vertical leap.

Savages uses his speed to seemingly come out of nowhere to make big plays, and unlike a lot of players in the secondary Savage as his name implies is not afraid to hit some players, which is a quality that defiantly needed when you’re a smaller player on the field.

Savage was a three-year starter at Maryland where he was a pocket knife player in the secondary, playing all over the secondary and excelling in both man and zone coverage. Darnell Savage is not breaking any records when it comes to his size being 5’11” and 198 pounds, but he plays a lot bigger than his size shows.

In 12 games last year he had 52 total tackles, 5.5 of them for loss and 4 interceptions and 1 touchdown. Savage will pair well with Adrian Amos on the other side of the field, being able to use his size and athleticism to cover areas of the field that most Safeties have difficulty getting to.

Savage likes to go for the big plays, which can obviously help him and hurt him, but I think that a big play guy like Savage will work well with a guy like Adrian Amos, who is such a reliable guy in the secondary it will allow for Darnell to take a few risks, and obviously when you take risks you can be burned but the Packers need to get back to their old ways of their high turnover defenses and I think drafting Savage is another fine addition to the team.



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