Packers Draft TE Josiah Deguara


The Packers have selected Cincinnati Tight End Josiah Deguara with the 94th overall pick. Deguara stands 6’4 245 lbs.  Many saw fullback potential in him coming into the draft. In his senior year at Cincinnati, he had 39 catches for only 504 yards and 7 TDs. 

Physically, Deguara is average in almost every conceivable way such as size, length and athleticism. As a blocker he was solid, and as a receiver he was an above average route runner with a great vertical cut. One of Deguara’s biggest strengths is his effort and competitive drive.  As a blocker, he isn’t reluctant to be physical and throw his shoulders down. 

Because of his average physical traits, that required him to play with a heart and more effort. This doesn’t translate well in the NFL and I think these lack of excellent traits is going to give him a challenge. He doesn’t have height so he can’t catch over a lot of defenders. He isn’t that strong so he will struggle as a blocker.

Much like Dillon in round two, this pick is quite a reach. Deguara had a 5th-6th round projection and his ceiling is Danny Vitale or a TE 2. Overall I don’t think he can offer a lot to the Packers current offense unless he becomes a fullback, and that transition isn’t a guaranteed success. Not really worth a third round pick in my opinion.



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