Quin’s Packers Fan-Spective – Josh Allen and Philosophy On Happiness


The Bills and Josh Allen Rant

It’s really amazing how much a difference a week make. It’s even more amazing how much a difference playing a horrendous team makes. Everything is incredibly happy in my sports world, I am doing cartwheels as I type this, and I really think things can only get better. The Milwaukee Brewers are looking like the best baseball team that I’ve ever seen play in my lifetime with an MVP player who almost won the first NL Triple Crown in 81 years . Just as important, the Packers finally looked good throughout an entire football game this season. They took out all their pent-up frustration on a bad team and more importantly, the defense finally looked confident because they were facing one either bad or inexperienced quarterback, only time will tell. I’m pretty sure Josh Allen is a nice guy and he did have a good game in his second start against the Minnesota Vikings on the road but this week and every week that wasn’t last he looks like he is completely out of his element. Hasn’t any scout or NFL GM learned from Jay Cutler? Just because you have a cannon of an arm and can throw 80-yards doesn’t mean you should start at in the NFL as quarterback. Uncle Rico could throw over a mountain and so could Josh Allen probably but neither of them will equate to any success an NFL player. If the Bills built a team around him with an offensive line, receivers better than Kelvin Benjamin and an elite defense, Allen could possibly be a decent placeholder at quarterback but just watching him raises so many red flags. He is highly inaccurate as he was overthrowing guys all game and went 16/33. He threw two horrible interceptions, including one at the end of the first half in the redzone where he was being chased out of bounds, launched it off his back foot fading sideways and Jaire Alexander easily fielded it in the endzone. He has absolute zero pocket and pass rush awareness to the point where the commentators were calling him out for always running out of the pocket, despite zero pass rush and solid blocking from his o-line. He was sacked seven times by this Packers defense and most of those were due to him not having any idea where the pass rush was coming from. I don’t usually get angry and rant about players who are bad especially the ones that benefit the Packers, but he was so bad it really was more entertaining to watch him than the Packers winning. I couldn’t stop laughing and thinking about all those poor Bills fans who were sold the bill of goods and believed this guy was their next Jim Kelly. Yes, he is a rookie in his third start and he has a bad team around but the things I saw can’t be taught at an NFL level and that includes winning. He couldn’t win in the Mountain West Conference with Wyoming and you think scouts would’ve taken that in account along with all those other red flags and he was picked seventh and the Bills traded future picks to get him! I liked Carson Wentz in college because not only did he have the tools and poise of an NFL quarterback, but he was a winner! I hope there’s enough beer and tables to smash in Buffalo for the foreseeable future because every single Bills fan will need it.

The Game

Besides Josh Allen and the Bills being pretty bad, the Packers actually looked pretty good. Most importantly they didn’t look foolish like the Vikings looked playing the Bills last week and their defense allowed zero points from being scored. Aaron Rodgers looked really good on his injured knee even though his stats would indicate he’s still having problems. His one interception wasn’t even his fault and he passed for 298 yards and a touchdown, but he only went 22/40 and looked inaccurate at times. To me the offense wasn’t running on all cylinders and I felt a healthy Aaron Rodgers could’ve easily scored twice as many points in this game. Continuing the positivity, Aaron Jones should be carrying the ball more as he looked like the most exciting player on that entire offense. He was so explosive and was breaking and dodging tackles all game. It was such a refreshing thing to see on that Packers offense which has seemed to be missing that type of guy all season. The line without Justin McCray was solid against a good pass rushing team only allowing 2 sacks. Clinton-Dix had this awesome interception, in classic Ha-Ha fashion, absolutely blindsiding Kelvin Benjamin in the process. The Packers just looked the most impressive on both sides of the ball all season, maybe because they were playing the Bills, but at least this was a confidence building win that they can use going forward.

Chopin’ Block 

Past Players Chopped – Justin McCray, Lane Taylor, Randall Cobb

In another first, no player deserves to be chopped this week. Lance Kendricks for dropping a first down pass and Blake Martinez for having a clownish unsportsmanlike conduct penalty almost made me break out the Chopin’ Block but neither of their offenses caused harm to the team.

Player Who Deserves A Burrito Bowl

As mentioned before, Aaron Jones provided an excitement and explosiveness this offense has needed all season. He ran fast, he ran hard, he ran over defenders, he ran through defenders and he spun around defenders. Like the GOAT Aaron Rodgers said, give us more Aaron Jones! Jamaal Williams is great between the tackles, but Jones needs to have the ball in his hands more for this offense to be better.

NFC North Report

Vikings – Vikings are now 1-2-1 and they did not look good against the best team in the NFL in the Rams on Thursday night. Jared Goff had the best game of his career and that offense looked like the Greatest Show on Turf against what was once a mighty Vikings defense. I think this defense is not good anymore and that makes sense since its being grounded by injuries. The offense looked decent for half the game, but Aaron Donald was too much for them and they couldn’t simply keep up with the Rams offense. Vikings are in trouble but maybe guys need to get healthy and they must regain their confidence to get any winning going.

Bears – I was maybe wrong about the Bears last week. Mitch Trubisky played a career game with 5 TDs in one half and unlike Josh Allen a week ago, I don’t think it was a fluke. Trubisky was scouted as a future franchise guy and this will be the first of many great games from him for the Bears in his probably long career. I do think the Buccaneers and Ryan Fitzpatrick have fallen back to Earth as they looked like every team that has gotten destroyed by Khalil Mack and that Bears defense, only that they were also getting torched by Trubisky on the other side of the ball. Again, let’s see them play a solid, consistent team this season and reassess afterwards. At 3-1 they are obviously a threat to win the NFC North.

Lions – The Lions went back to being the Lions after destroying the Patriots last week in primetime by losing to a below average Cowboy team. They did lose by a game-winning field-goal but against the Cowboys, that’s disappointing considering what they did to the Patriots last week. The Lions will always be the Lions some way or another and they probably continue to be underwhelming all season now that they are 1-3.

Happy Quin

With the Packers playing solid without anything notable to be angry about and my anger already taken out on Josh Allen, I’ve decided in a first to talk about the short-term happiness in my life. When it comes towards my mood, I can only get so happy if the Packers are not doing well. If they lose I know the week is going to suck, if they win in great fashion, it’s at least one thing in my meaningless life that I can see take some joy from. Growing up 30 minutes away from Lambeau Field, with rapid Packers fans as parents between the years of 1996-2014 will do that to one’s psyche. The Packers have won a lot over those years so when look bad it blurs away the equilibrium of normal in my life. I’ve seen some heart-wrenching games due to Brett Favre throwing a late interception or the defense not even letting Aaron Rodgers take the field in overtime but none of those decay me more than just seeing the team play terribly. I’m lucky, I didn’t see the Packers play during the 1970s and 1980s. For me (and maybe for you), I had to see the Buffalo Bills get beatdown on Sunday. Not even a close win would’ve sufficed, I had to see an absolute beatdown to believe the Packers, particularly on defense weren’t horrible this year. They did and now I see only light as we go through the rest of the season, even with the schedule looking deadly in a couple weeks against the Rams and the Patriots. Live update mid-article but the Brewers won the NL Central which only added to my happiness and I’m continuing to dominate in the Cream City Central Fantasy Football League. Enjoy the simple things in life because if they mean enough to you, the world seems a lot greater in your perspective.




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