Quin’s Packers Fan-Spective: Penalties and Dropped Passes Galore


The Game

What is there to say really, the Packers looked bad today on both sides of the ball, on the road against a very good Washington R-words team. When I saw this game on the schedule way before the season started, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be an easy win, as we always seem to have a rough time against random NFC teams on the road, early in the season, like the R-words and the Buccaneers to name two. This was before I knew the R-words had one of the league’s best defenses going into week 3 along with it being an absolute crappy day weather-wise in Landover, Maryland. Not a good combination, for a pass-happy team that has a QB with a bad knee and offensive line. I will go into it later on who I was the maddest about, but to give a hint right now I will say the defense looked horrendous in the first half but, the offense might have been playing rugby instead of football throughout the entire game.

I’m going to start out by beating a dead horse, the defense, particularly the secondary was absolutely hideous in the first-half. With above average Alex Smith passing to an extremely young receiving corp.  along with an extremely old Vernon Davis and Adrian Peterson, this R-words offense was going into this game as one of the league’s least productive. That all changed with Smith passing for over 200 yards, Peterson rushing for 2 touchdowns and big play after big play. When the R-words scored 28 points, I honestly thought Dom Capers was rehired as the team’s defensive coordinator in secret. There was no pass-rush, zero sacks on the entire game and the secondary was at its worst that I’ve ever seen. Tramon Williams looked like an old man, Josh Jackson, Devon House and Kentrell Brice looked like they didn’t belong on an NFL field, Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix looked lost and Jaire Alexander looked like a rookie. The second half was a different story as they held up their end of the potential comeback by giving up no points until a garbage field goal at the end. They did have zero sacks and Clay Matthews was called again on another BS roughing the passer call on a clean sack but in the grand scheme of the game that didn’t matter.

The offense to me played much worse than the defense this game. Rodgers tried his hardest to carry this team but with his bad leg, his horrible offensive line, penalties and dropped passes galore, not even the GOAT could mount a comeback in this game. In what I thought was attempted homicide on Aaron Rodgers, the offensive line was at its all-time worst which is really saying something as they gave up 4 sacks. When it looked like they maintained a block it was a hold as there had to be at least 5 holding penalties. The dropped passes to me were just as bad as the play of the offensive line. I will talk about a certain receiver who had some big drops later, but Lance Kendricks had a huge drop on a deep third down pass and Adams had a huge drop on third down early. Despite the defense playing as horrible as they did, if it wasn’t for the offensive line being even worse and those drops, the Packers could’ve won that football game. There were just too many mistakes made on the road against an underrated team and the injuries are once again coming in hard this season.



Vikings – The only reason this loss didn’t hurt like it did was because of the pathetic display of the Vikings today, losing at home to what everyone including me was calling the worst team in the history of the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. I was the biggest hater of Josh Allen coming into the season, but he made this so called great Vikings defense look silly. Big-money Kirk Cousins couldn’t do anything on offense. Laughs all around on a miserable day.

Bears – Bears are currently the best team in the NFC North right now at 2-1. Those two wins are against bad teams in Seattle and Arizona, and they had a tough game against a Cardinal team that gave them several opportunities to get crushed. We’ll have to wait and see when they play a good team to determine if they are an actual threat.

Lions – The Lions are 1-2 and they should be 3-0 if they looked the way they did crushing the Patriots. The Patriots lack offensive weapons so the Lions defense didn’t have a rough time like they did against the Jets and 49ers. Much like the Bears, I think everyone will know how this team looks a month from now in the thick of the season. Too early to tell if they are a threat.


Choppin’ Block

Players Chopped – Justin McCray, Lane Taylor

Another week where there’s a lot of deserving candidates to be on the Choppin’ Block but the most deserving is Randall Cobb. Two drops on third down, a dropped touchdown and a fumble which sealed this painful loss makes Cobb easily deserving to go on the Choppin’ Block. I would say, those drops killed any momentum the Packers had at that moment, preventing any comeback from happening. For the money he’s making those were all catches he had to make. Randall you’ve officially been CHOPPED.


Week 4 Preview

With nothing really to talk about from this game and no one deserving of a Burrito Bowl in this game, I’ve decided to introduce another new segment. After a surprising thrashing of the Minnesota Vikings, the Buffalo Bills stay in the Midwest to face the Packers. Before beating the Vikings, I honestly thought the Bills were the worst team in 90+ year of the NFL. From a personnel standpoint I still do but beating the Vikings in Minnesota the way they did was impressive and scary if you’re the Packers. I am a hater of Josh Allen, I do not think he’s any good and I believe he will be a bust in the long scheme of things but the way he torched that Vikings defense was impressive to say the very least. Under-appreciated was the Bills defense which held Kirk Cousins and friends to only 6 points after giving up the league most in points during the first 2 weeks of the season. With the Vikings being on the most complete teams in the league, Josh Allen and the Bills defense could very well come into Green Bay and have a similar game. In fact, against the Packers defense it would be easier for Josh Allen to have another great game. With that being said, the Bills have a horrible run game and one of the worst offensive lines in the league so if the defense can bring some pressure to Josh Allen, Rodgers and the offense could take care of business on the other side of the ball. It should be an interesting game, especially for me since I am a Josh Allen hater and it would be great to see the Packers defense have a solid outing for once which they very well can against Allen. I don’t expect it to be a blowout for the Packers, but I also don’t expect it to be close or at least hope not. If there’s a game for the Packers team as a whole to gain confidence it’s this one, so that’ll be something interesting to look out for.


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