Quin’s Packers Fan-Spective: Run the Ball Please


The Packers finally came home after an 0-2 road trip against some of the NFL’s finest and they finally got a matchup against a team that hasn’t been the finest, the Miami Dolphins. Despite staring 3-0, the Dolphins have fallen back to their mediocre Dolphin-self thanks to injuries to Ryan Tannehill, Albert Wilson, Laremy Tunsil to name a few and the decision of their general manager to sign Brock Osweiler as their back-up quarterback. All jokes aside, Osweiler has actually not been that bad with the Dolphins having only thrown 4 interceptions and beating the Bears (Thank you Brock BTW) but since starting the season 3-0 with Ryan Tannehill, they’ve gone 2-4 with Brock starting. This is good for the Packers because after that rough two-game road trip they desperately needed to come home and face a team they could easily beat down, to restore the faith in the team and their love of football. Also, this game is a good indicator to really see how good or bad the team is. If they could just take care of business and beat them down than they’re a good team but if it would’ve been a close, down to the wire finish, this Packer team would’ve been screwed.

Luckily, this game was more on the side of a beatdown but that wasn’t true until late into the 3rd quarter. From the 2nd quarter after they took a 14-0 lead until the third quarter where it was 14-12, it was looking like one of those close, down to the wire games. The Packers offense couldn’t do anything during those two quarters and most of it was due to horrible playcalling. This dead horse still must be beaten, and it may get its biggest beating yet. Aaron Jones had the best game of his career rushing for 145 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries, but he easily should’ve gotten 10 more carries. During those two quarters of nothingness, Aaron Jones was nowhere to be found. Jamaal Williams was mostly on the field, they passed it 90% of the time and they didn’t do a single thing. It’s so easy it honestly makes me feel dumb watching and it should insult the intelligence of every Packer fan watching to a degree that enrages them like it does me. It’s so easy, McCarthy made it look hard and all he had to do was watch the game or look at Aaron Jones’ stat line. Just give the man the ball until the defense stops him which the Dolphins most certainly weren’t. It’s so easy and I’m sure Rodgers’ wouldn’t have minded not getting chased by defenders more especially with how Aaron Jones was advancing the ball. He was easily the most explosive part in that offense and every time he touched the ball there was excitement on the field and in the crowd. The Dolphins could not stop this guy and I haven’t seen a Packer runningback have such a great, productive game on 15 carries and a two-quarter stretch where he was only given the ball maybe twice. That to me was the most impressive part because the powers that be for some reason didn’t want Aaron Jones on the field that often until the end where even them couldn’t keep him off. He was so great and at the best possible time of the season because the Packers really need a consistent run game with the pass game not being what it is and winter approaching. The consistency will only be what the Powers That Be allow. If they don’t want Aaron Jones to get over 15 carries for whatever reason even though he’s averaging 6 yards a carry, they won’t give him those carries. They have proven that all season with the predictable passing offense that only leaves Aaron Rodgers frustrated and hurt by defenders and even with Jones having the game he did against Miami, they have still indicated that they don’t want him to give it to him as much. Again, he had such a great game with only 15 carries and for half the game he rarely saw the field because Jamaal Williams can block better and passing. They passed so much on first down, 3 and outs and third and shorts, it insulted my intelligence. There were times they could’ve easily converted some third and shorts by simply giving Aaron Jones the ball, but they passed and punted right after. When it was a 2-point game it wasn’t looking so good. If it wasn’t for the defense and coincidentally enough, Aaron Jones getting touches again, the Packers would’ve been embarrassed at home to Brock Osweiler. Miraculously, common sense prevailed in the playcalling and the Packers were able to beat Miami by 19-points and they didn’t allow a single touchdown.


Don’t Forget Defense

Yes, they did play Brock Osweiler and a pretty injury-ridden Dolphins offense, but the defense tonight was good. They didn’t give up a touchdown which is obviously a very good thing to see and this defense needed this game more than any player/unit on this team. The defense has been assaulted by the 49ers, Rams and Patriots over the last month, with the offense not really doing their part and they just needed a game where they could dominate their opponent. Speaking of dominating, the pass rush looked great collecting 6 sacks from 6 different guys. Breshaud Breeland had an interception and Jaire Alexander had another good outing. Most impressive to me was Raven Greene who looked way better than Kentrall Brice at safety, had a sack and 26 yards rushing on a fake punt. Greene looked great, especially for an undrafted guy and I noticed it because he never got torched like Brice usually does. This was a much-needed thrashing by this defense at the best possible time because they’ll need this defense if they want to “run the table”

Burrito Bowl

The burritoist of all Burrito Bowls goes to the very hungry Aaron Jones. My rant above explains it pretty clearly but he’s the most exciting part of the Packers and he needs to be on the field and touch the ball more.

NFC North

Bears – Bears thrashed an absolute mess of a Lions team. They play the Vikings in primetime next week, so we’ll see how my prophecy from last week begins. If they can win in primetime they’ll prove to me to be a serious threat in the NFC North. We’ll see next week.

Vikings – BYE

Lions – The Lions are the biggest mess of any team in the NFC. Spicy take here but I really think they are worse than the 49ers, the Cardinals and the Giants. They have zero redeeming qualities and their defense is as bad as any Packers defense in recent memory. Losing Golden Tate did not do them any favors because Kerryon Johnson is the only guy on that team who can do something and knowing the Lions, the strong run game isn’t going to last. It’s really bad that the Packers lost to the Lions earlier this season, but it really proves the saying “Any Given Sunday” and when a team plays its absolute worst like the Packers did in Detroit, even a team like the Lions can win.


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