Quin’s Packers Fan-Spective: The GOAT Debate, Playoffs?


After battling some Rams last week, the greatest quarterback of all time and his team of misfit toys continued their road trip to Foxborough, to battle another so called “GOAT” and the notorious New England Patriots. Much like last week, I was not expecting a Packers victory, but the end of the game left me in utter disappointment, depression and melancholy. What is there really to say, they lost on the road to a once again elite New England Patriots team that doesn’t lose often in their home stadium especially in primetime and it was a game that the Packers could’ve won up to the last five minutes of the game. Up to that point the game was neck and neck, both defenses were making stops despite Rodgers and Brady having almost similar stats. Then multiple players went down on defense, Aaron Jones fumbled, the Patriots scored twice in a row and the offense couldn’t keep up anymore. I believe the injuries and Whitehead being ejected played a huge part of the defense basically appearing to give up by the fourth quarter and the Aaron Jones fumbled really was what nailed the coffin shut for the Packers. If Jones didn’t fumble, the Packers would’ve tied on that drive as the game was going back and forth, while the game would have not been out of reach. Again, much like last week, it was a game that they had no business winning besides the fact that Aaron Rodgers plays quarterback, they had a real chance at winning and one mistake.

The Quarterbacks

Neither Rodgers nor Brady had a great game especially since they both played defenses that gave them the capability to have 300+ yards passing, 3+ TD games like everyone was hyping both QBs of having. Brady didn’t need to have that great of a game since he did have a solid rushing attack and the Patriots controlled the game throughout. Rodgers probably needed a game like that to win but Mike McCarthy’s offense totally continuing to beat the dead horse. To visually tell that in the easiest way was this game because Tom Brady’s offense is designed for guys to always get open as he was hitting an open Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman and James White in the backfield. Rodgers’ or McCarthy’s offense requires the perfect throws to get into the tiniest windows as made apparent with some difficult well-defended catches done by Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Davante Adams. Aaron Rodgers still managed to have 259 yards passing and two touchdowns with that archaic playcalling and he was scrambling out of pressure all night which another dead horse is being beaten. Brady is great and talented don’t get me wrong I am not an idiot and denying that he is one of the greatest to have ever play the game of football, but his offense makes it very easy to look great and be a winner. Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback to have ever play the game and it really shows how talented the man is because he plays in an offense that doesn’t let him fully utilize his and the team’s strengths. He creates strengths for not only himself but for his teammates and that’s how talented he is. He makes good receivers out of nobodies and he makes big plays that are designed to fail.

Chopin’ Block

Players Chopped: Lane Taylor, Justin McCray, Randall Cobb, Mason Crosby, Ty Montgomery

After Ty got legit chopped after last week, the honors this week should go to the Packers Strength & Conditioning staff. Aaron Jones will be spared this week since he did have a solid game running the football despite the game-costing fumble. Too many guys on defense got injured and when it’s to the point where players are being carried off almost after every play and the commentators are concerned, it has to be a systematic, team problem. Health, strength and conditioning have been a problem in past seasons and so far, it hasn’t been much of one this season, but Sunday night’s game reminded everyone that the Packers have a lot of players get injured. We can all only hope this gets changed when McCarthy gets inevitably gets fired.

Burrito Bowl

Marquez Valdes-Scantling deserves my burrito bowl this week. He is quickly becoming that weapon I thought he could become. He’s the fastest guy on that offense and his large size makes him deadly with Aaron Rodgers passing to him. Make sure to check out my article that I did of him after he drafted where I explain that. This game with 101 yards receiving is only the beginning.


This was a pretty bad week to be a Packer game as they had a difficult game and the Vikings and Bears had pretty easy games. Vikings dominated the Lions and Chicago dominated the Bills in both unsurprising results. They both play eachother next week so whoever wins is irrelevant as one of those teams losing will help the Packers as they have a winnable game against Miami at home. Both Minnesota and Chicago looked scary good against bad teams, so it’ll be interesting to see how scary they look against eachother and against some of the better teams in the NFC.  

Are the Packers Playoff Hopes Dead?

After two straight loses everyone is already declaring the season to be over and a failure. Keep in mind those were games against two of the NFL’s top teams and the Packers were expected to lose both of those. If you kept that in consideration and looked at the rest of the Packers schedule and the rest of the Vikings and Bears, the Packers by far have the easiest path and the rest of their games are all winnable. They do still have to play away games against the Vikings and Bears but they beat the Bears and who knows what they’ll look like in December. They tied against the Vikings and those games go either way. The Vikings are not the Patriots or the Rams and them along with the Bears are the two hardest teams the Packers still have to play. If they win out, they’ll be an 11-win, 4 loss football team and if they lose one game they’ll still have 10 wins which believe me, will win the NFC North. They do look bad, but they did look solid and almost defeated the Rams and Patriots. I hate to compare past seasons, but this is around the time they get hot and with Aaron Rodgers playing and a not so difficult schedule, the playoffs are entirely possible. It’s too early to call the season being a complete failure but two more losses will easily change my mind.


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