The Next Man to Revive Green Bay


On Sunday December 2nd, the Green Bay Packers relieved Mike McCarthy of his coaching duties after being with the team since 2006.  He led them to 8 consecutive playoff appearances, including a Super Bowl appearance in 2011. Mike McCarthy has been successful to say the least, but it was time for the Packers to make a change and look elsewhere for their future head coach.  Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin is currently Green Bay’s Interim Head Coach to see if he has what it takes to run this team.

The Packers have already started their head coaching search this week, including interviews from former Colts head coach Chuck Pagano and former Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.  Many players on the Packers seem to be all in on hiring Joe Philbin as their next head coach, but there are three names that Green Bay should look at closely when going through their searching process.   

Matt LaFleur 

This is an offensive mindset coach that would be a good fit for Green Bay.  He is currently the Offensive Coordinator for the Titans, who were on the verge of punching their ticket into their second straight postseason.  Last year, he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Rams, who focused on a zone running scheme with Todd Gurley. This year, he did a lot of the power running game, since Tennessee has two powerhouse backs in Derick Henry and Dion Lewis.  With Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, one who is very mobile and quick and one who is a power third down back, LaFleur would help develop their run game into a more explosive force to be reckoned with.  

Eric Bieniemy 

Eric Bieniemy is currently the Offensive Coordinator for the Chiefs, who has done a phenomenal job during his tenure under Andy Reid.  His ability to develop Quarterbacks has sparked the attention of many teams looking for a head coach. There were a lot of disappointed Chiefs fans when they traded up from 27 to draft Mahomes at 10.  However, after seeing Mahomes this year, his success has helped Kansas City in the long run thanks to Bieniemy. Bieniemy is a coach that would help Green Bay right now and in the future when Rodgers retires.  He developed a 2nd year Quarterback into an MVP candidate this season. Bieniemy was also the running backs coach for the Chiefs before being promoted to Offensive Coordinator. Kansas City has always been exceptionally well at the run game, having guys like Jamaal Charles and Kareem Hunt in their backfield.  Green Bay has a young Running Back core in Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, two talented running backs that could be a solid duo if they are utilized correctly. Eric Bieniemy has gained interest from NFL teams at the head coaching position, and would be a smart choice for Rodgers and the Packers following his success in Kansas City.  

John DeFilippo 

John DeFilippo was recently fired from the Vikings as Offensive Coordinator, but during his short stint, the Vikings were arguably a top 10 offense in the league.  For example, Minnesota was the second-best play-action passing offense in the NFL under DeFilippo, something Rodgers and the Packers do a lot of as we have seen before. DeFilippo is also a former QB coach for the Jets and Eagles, including in 2017 when Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate before suffering a torn ACL.  This is a great offensive guy that Green Bay should consider hiring to help revive their legacy.

After seeing the way Aaron Rodgers and the Packers played this season, they have superb talent; Green Bay just needs to use their players like Jimmy Graham in a way that could be lethal to opponents.  Rodgers also needs an offensive coach that he can trust. It makes sense that he wants Joe Philbin to be their head coach, but it is time for Green Bay to stop living in the past and start thinking about a new offensive mindset to help them flourish again.   





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