Let me preface this with something.  I know you do not come to Cream City Central to get your political news and I am very certain you do NOT rely on Andrew Flegel for your guidance in that realm, but I felt something needed to be touched on today. I don’t speak on much politically, and I am not taking a political stance, but Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s comments about LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been sitting with me all day long.  Personally, I believe her comments are disappointing to put it lightly.  No matter what political stance one takes on a certain topic, nothing makes you qualified or unqualified to speak on a political topic in the USA.

If you have not seen the video, click here.

Ingraham started her segment by saying “Dumb jock alert” referring to LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s political comments on Cari Champion’s podcast, which was inaccurately billed as an ESPN podcast by Ingraham.  James and Durant were asked about the topic and gave their opinion. Ingraham refers to James’ talk as “barely intelligible” and “ungrammatical” which the ungrammatical is slightly true as he says, “the number one appointed person don’t give a **** about the people.”  Yes, that is grammatically incorrect, and vulgar, but he is essentially speaking with friends at the time.  Ingraham proceeds to note how James did not go to college and is therefore unqualified to speak on politics noting “it’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball, and tells Durant and James to “shut up and dribble.”


Along with my contributions to Cream City, I am a teacher and I am currently going through an Ancient Greece unit with my students.  In order to relate the content to them, we have compared the government systems of Greece to the United States and I can guarantee to you, all of them can tell you which one is our current governmental system.  In case you slept through 6th grade social studies, we are a democracy, meaning we all have rights to elect who we prefer, and ultimately means we can have an opinion on who is elected just as Ingraham has about other candidates and presidents.  I struggle with this mainly because my job is to educate students about decision making and how to evaluate various opinions to establish a firm mission statement for their own lives.  I also struggle with it because my job is to give my students a chance to be something as an individual.


Is this not what the United States is built on?  The ability for people to realize a dream when the odds may be stacked against them?  LeBron James is a household name because of his basketball prowess and Laura Ingraham is in the homes of those who enjoy politics.  Both are realizing a dream they had, but have differing opinions on certain topics.  LeBron’s choice of words may not be for all people, but so what? He is saying he feels a person does not care about other people and used a word I personally would refrain from, but everyone is different.  Ingraham decided to take this to the next level and tear down someone for how they feel about a topic everyone in the United States of America is qualified to have an opinion on! To tell someone to shut up just because we disagree with them is tearing down the fundamental rights we have as Americans.


Ingraham was simply trying to stir the pot and she did a great job of it.  I would not say she is a racist person as I do not know her, but I would say she showed prejudice through her words and decision making. A prejudice against a culture she does not understand or care to from what it seems. She won’t see or respond to this, I know, but I do hope that ethnicity and culture can stop driving opinions one may have and focus on fundamental beliefs. LeBron James, Laura Ingraham, and all of the rest of us need to be better than this. Work together as a unit and not two sides. Bounce your ball, talk your talk. Be Team USA.


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