Why Don’t The Packers Sign Eric Reid?


One of the most intriguing free-agents still on the market and a position need for the Packers is former San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid. It is no secret why he’s still a free-agent which I will get into later, but he really should have been signed by now. He’s only 26 years old which means he’s in his athletic prime and he’s had quite the career already in his five seasons in San Francisco which includes a Pro-Bowl selection in 2013. With Morgan Burnett leaving for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a defense in need of better talent and safety not being a top priority in the draft, signing Eric Reid would be a smart and logical decision.

In his five seasons playing he was a standout on some horrible 49er teams and he played under four different head coaches. In those years he collected 318 tackles, 10 interceptions and 34 pass deflections which are pretty good numbers for a safety. Ironically, in his first career start he intercepted a pass from Aaron Rodgers.  He is the best safety available on the free-agent market above Mike Mitchell, Darius Butler, T.J. Ward and Kenny Vaccaro. In my opinion I think he would be a better choice at being the starter than Josh Jones or Kentrell Brice because Brice showed last year he isn’t quite good enough to be a starter in the NFL and even though I like Jones a lot I think he’s better suited currently in different defensive packages and being that player that can play in the secondary or at linebacker at any given time. Reid is proven and he would be an excellent player to fill the starter void in the Packers’ safety hole.

The big obvious reason why Reid probably isn’t signed already is because he participated in the national anthem kneeling protests with his teammate Colin Kaepernick who himself has been an unsigned free-agent for over a year now. Fellow players have come to his support because he is young, talented and should be on a team. Reid himself has even come out and said he will stop kneeling during the national anthem if that means he can be signed by a team. Despite what anyone thinks of him, Kaepernick or protesting during the nation anthem, a player who is still young and one of the best at his position shouldn’t be left unsigned especially if he’s willing to stop what makes him controversial to owners not wanting to sign him in the first place. He should not only be on a team by now but the Packers who are trying to compete, rebuild their defense and a lot of it through free-agency should’ve signed him a long time ago. Plus, he will probably be willing to accept a short low offer since a lot of teams are not interested. If the Packers want to compete and make it back to the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers they need to take advantage of that potential deal and the talent they would be getting with that deal.


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