5 Takeaways: Bucks Roll Thunder in OKC


Giannis Antetokounmpo’s game winning contested dunk with 0.9 seconds left on the shot clock lifted the Bucks over the Thunder 97-95 and gave the Bucks their second win in consecutive nights.

  1. Late Game Officiating. There’s no question that Giannis’ final basket was aided by a no call by officials when his left foot appeared to be out-of-bounds. Although late game officiating has always been an issue of fans, the amount of questionable decisions have been alarming as many people are using the NBA’s Two-Minute Report which is used to tell fans what the calls are upon a closer look. I wonder how many dominos will have to fall before the NBA revamps their replay system. Nevertheless, the Bucks snuck away with a much needed win and the play from Antetokounmpo was amazing in itself.
  2. Consistency on Defense. Watching the game last night I thought that the Bucks contained the Thunder extremely well. Holding the usually high scoring Thunder offense to under 100 points is a big win for the Bucks. Starting off the game on a 33-11 run put the Bucks in great position to win the game early. Another big stat in the win is holding the Thunder to only 10 offensive rebounds. Offensive rebounds have been a huge factor in many of the Bucks losses, so it was pleasing to see that number not be astronomical.
  3. High Post Touches. In the late portion of the fourth quarter, when the Bucks usually rely on isolation to end the game, there was three possessions in a row where John Henson found himself at the top of the key with plenty of room to look for an open cutter to the rim. Eric Bledsoe used his elusive quickness to create a lane for a well executed bounce pass for John Henson to make. It almost seemed of a revelation of the amount of motion that was going on, but it proved it’s worth and we should see more motion late in games.
  4. Team Effort. Although Giannis led the charge with 23 points it was a collective team effort as four out of five starters had 15 or more points in a truly impressive win. Although the huge individual scoring outbursts are fun to watch the Bucks are much more effective in my opinion when they spread it around. Not only does it get the confidence up around the floor but it keeps the opposing defense on their toes and allows the offense to keep itself properly spaced. The bench didn’t score very much, but yet again the play of Malcolm Brogdon off the bench was very promising.
  5. John Henson. I thought last night was one of John Henson’s best games in his career as he had 18 points, six rebounds, four blocks, and two big assists. It appears when Henson is scoring the ball and getting touches he brings a lot more energy. Henson is finally getting around to his potential as a first round pick and is having some impactful games for the Bucks. What makes Henson’s performance last night even more impressive was holding Steven Adams to only two offensive rebounds for the whole game.


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