Badgers Dominate Central Michigan 61-0

Badger break down Central Michigan in a their route to becoming 2-0 on the season.


Triple Threat Dream Team

Going into Saturday’s matchup in Madison, Central Michigan had plenty to say about taking on the number 17th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Comments were made that Wisconsin had no idea what was coming and that they would make it competitive. Clearly, no one had told the Chippewas what was coming their way. Coming their way was Heisman hopeful Jonathan Taylor, QB Jack Coan, and reinstated Quintez Cephus.

All three put up incredible numbers, especially Coan and Cephus. Everyone knows what to expect from Taylor. Having rushed for three touchdowns and catching one, JT has now 8 total touchdowns after just two games. Gaining over 100 yards on Saturday, Taylor has established his versatility on the field.

Rust Breaks Off Cephus

After not playing all last season with the Badgers, WR Quintez Cephus broke out in a big way. Totaling 130 yards for two big touchdowns. It is nice knowing that a down field threat is real for the Badgers this season. The talent has always been there, but coming off a hiatus, much were weary of how Cephus would come out of the game. It is easy to say now that the WR has not missed a beat. Expect more big time plays this coming season. This is the Cephus comeback show, we are all just attendees.

Coan’s Confidence Soars

Last weekend against USF, nerves got the best of QB Jack Coan in certain plays. That did not seem to follow him into Saturday afternoon. Finishing the game with 363 yards while going 26/33 with three touchdowns. A stellar performance has muted the Badgers fans questioning his starting role. Granted, this was Central Michigan, hoarder tests will come with conference play coming up. It is fair to say though, trust should be had with Coan Under center. No throw looked forced and vision is a plus with having Cephus, Taylor, and Davis III as your weapons.

Bye Week Slump

The Badgers are heading into their bye week of the season. It seems short and fans want this team to keep rolling. The benefit is that it is another week to prepare for a big matchup against 7th ranked Michigan. Coming into the season, the Wolverines seemed to be a spot in the schedule that could knock Wisconsin back a few pegs. After barely escaping Army at home though, Michigan seems to be the team worried about this matchup.

After outscoring teams 110-0 within the first two weeks, the Badgers are back to being the team to watch in the Big Ten West. Their matchup against Michigan will be the game they can remake that statement. The defense has made stellar improvements from last year, even with the loss of safety Nelson, they are in control. The true test will come and the Badgers will have to give it their all. The Big Ten is up for grabs, Wisconsin must take it, with force, if they want it.




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