Badgers Run Away With It

The Wisconsin Badgers take care of the University of New Mexico with ease, while Heisman hopefull Taylor rushes for a career high.


Wisconsin Takes Care Of New Mexico

Saturday morning in Madison was just like any other during football season. A sea of red filed into Camp Randall to see their number five ranked Badgers take on the New Mexico Lobos. Although they got off to a slow start, the Badgers came together to overtake the game, winning with a final score of 45-14. A lot of good was done, especially on then offensive side with running back Jonathan Taylor powering through the Lobos defense. Although the numbers show a different story, there are still areas in which the Badgers need to improve if they want to be considered the power house most know that they are.

Turnovers And More Turnovers

As it has been seen before, Taylor has had issues not being able to secure the football. Losing another fumble while in the red zone, this move ultimately cost the Badgers points on the scoreboard. After that though, a fire took over the half back that lead him to finish with 253 yards (personal best) and three touchdowns. A great game that no one can ask better of. They can ask though that Taylor finds a way to break through the troubles of securing the ball and carry it as if his game depended on it., because when it comes to the Heisman possibility, it just night.

Although the Badgers struggled with turnovers, with one fumble and one interception, the Lobos were not much better. Lobos quarter back Sherion Jones lobbed up a pass that breakout safety Scort Nelson took back 22 yards. They also fumbled it on their next possession that Lyles recovered leading to another Wisconsin touchdown. This is the defense we know and trust. D’Cato Dixion seemed to be apart of every big play. When it came time to make big plays, he was there, leading the way with nine tackles. Being able to sit back and relax and know that the defense can take over a game just like that is what Badger nation has come to love. Going forward the momentum must continue to grow and they have to trust themselves to get the job done.

In The Offense We Trust

It was a breath of fresh air to watch the Badger offense being to able to move the ball at ease Saturday afternoon. Not only with the impressive running game with Taylor being almost impossible to contro with that Wisconsin is known for, but with quarterback Alex Hornibrook finishing with going 8 for 11 for 148 yards and one touchdown. Now the attempts may not be high, but when push came to shove and the ball had to be passed, Hornibrook got the job done. A big help to that success was from wide receiver A.J. Taylor. Having a total of five receptions for 134 yards and one touchdown, Taylor is filling the role of a go to receiver for the offense. Players will need to continue to step up and Hornibrook must continue to improve and doing so will bring great success.


Badger fans left satisfied as the clock in the fourth quarter hit zero. It was what  everyone expected to go down on September 8th as New Mexico didn’t truly present any threat to Wisconsin. With the Big 10 opener only weeks away, the Badgers must continue to bring their A game, becauase any falter in that can cost them everything they hope to achieve this season. With Jonathan Taylor on your side of the ball, the potential is inevitable. The tide might be strong down south, but up north in the dairy state, the Badgers have the potential to be a little stronger.

Offensive Player of the Game: Jonathan Taylor

Deffensive Player of the Game: D’Cota Dixon


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