Kansas City Experience to Help Brewers Playoff Hopes


The Brewers are in playoff contention heading into September. With a team with little to no experience being in the hunt, the experience they do have is going to be key. With the acquisitions of Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas, the Brewers were not only able to add great players, they added very good experience of playing meaningful September baseball. Last year the Brewers missed out by one game with a young team with no experience of being in the hunt. Who knows how the outcome could have been different if they had more experience.


The Kansas City Royals made the playoffs in both 2014 and 2015, both years making it to the World Series and winning it all in 2015. Their team was highlighted with players like Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, Danny Duffy, and Alcides Escobar. Two other major keys to that team were Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas.


What Lorenzo Cain Brings


Career stats in September

Lorenzo Cain 448 61 44 10 .365 .403 .768


Lorenzo Cain always brings an important bat in the lineup, but in the last stretch of the season, he has proven to be crucial. Something that really stands out are his runs. During his time with the Royals, he was primarily in the second or third spot of the batting order. Those are not big spots to look for RBI’s. However, looking at runs, it says that he was continually on base for others to bring him in. Overall, statistically he is pretty dependable in the last leg of the season, but he also provides something else.


Cain brings a lot of experience and leadership to the Brewers clubhouse. He is a veteran presence that will always be important, but becomes immensely crucial when in the pennant race in September. If you look back at last year, besides players like Ryan Braun and Matt Garza, no one on the roster had experience competing in September. Give a lot of credit to Craig Counsell and the team last year because they handled the pressure quite well.  


What Mike Moustakas Brings


Career stats in September

Mike Moustakas 597 51 65 17 .304 .412 .716


Mike Moustakas has a different look than Lorenzo Cain. He has put up decent numbers in September in his career, but his numbers really were impressive in 2015 when KC won the World Series.


2015 stats in September

Mike Moustakas 111 15 23 7 .342 .563 .905


The numbers speak for themselves in 2015. He was a power hitting run producer that has continued since becoming a Brewer.


As a leader, he has a different outlook on things than Lorenzo Cain. In 2015 Moustakas was 26, which is roughly the age of many current Brewers. He can relate to them at a different level. He knows the situation of being a good, contributing player on a very good team and how to not let the pressure consume the pursuit.


Looking at the full picture, it is helpful for any team to have players with experience. Having guys with experience and success can be a whole new ballgame. With the experience of Cain and Moustakas, as well guys like Ryan Braun and Jonathan Schoop, this team looks to better handle the postseason pursuit better than a year ago.  Time will tell..


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