Should the Brewers retire Ryan Braun’s number?


Ryan Braun’s 13 year career with the Milwaukee Brewers has been full of clutch moments and regrettable decisions. Has he done enough in his career to warrant his number being retired? 

Ryan Braun was a hyped prospect that did not take long to reach the major league level, and once he got there, he did not disappoint. Ryan has a career slash line of .298/.360/.533 and has the franchise lead in Home Runs, and is top 3 in major categories like R.B.I, Hits, Runs and total bases. This alone seems enough to grant at least a promising discussion on getting his number retired, right? Unfortunately it isn’t that easy, as one incident early on in Ryan Braun’s career would become the talking point to why he shouldn’t get his number retired.

In 2011, Ryan Braun tested positive for using a type of PED (Performance Enhancing Drug). Braun denied the accusations, and had a stellar year in 2012, only for the accusations to be brought up again when a report came out that he and other players were given PEDs. Braun gave an explanation to why he was found with a form of PED in his system. This explanation proved to be false and Braun admitted to using PEDs and was suspended for the rest of the 2013 season without pay. This incident has been a talking point for fans that are against retiring Braun’s number.

Braun bit the bullet of the backlash he knew he would receive and became a good veteran presence around the clubhouse. Once Christian Yelich came along, he was vital in Yelich’s transformation to stardom. He has given a lot back to the community when he is off the field, and when he is on the field he still delivers even in his limited playing time now that he is at the end of his career.  Braun has had his part in all the big moments, and committed himself to being Brewer for life. That and being one of the clutchest players in Brewers history should vault him into the rafters. 


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