Wisconsin Plows Down The Cornhuskers


Badgers Shine Under The Night Sky At Randall

After a much needed bye week, The Wisconsin Badgers take care of Nebraska 41 to 24. Entering their second game in conference play, the Badgers took control early and never pulled back. The offense was the star of the show, especially with running back Jonathan Taylor bouncing back to life with an impressive stat line. Rushing for 221 yards, that included a huge 88 yard run that lead to his third touchdown of the evening. Not that anyone was concerned about Nebraska coming into Madison, it was a breath of fresh air that there is life in this Wisconsin team.

Defense A Concern?

Although they received the victory, the Badger’s defense gave up over 500 yards in the prime time game. With a defense that Wisconsin has come to learn and trust, it might be understandable that giving up 21 points to the Cornhuskers is a little concerning with the games to come. It did not help that break out safety Scott Nelson was kicked out of the game for targeting and will have to sit out the first half of next weeks big game. The play makers were accounted for, especially with senior linebacker T.J. Edwards leading the team with seven tackles and two sacks. It must be understood though that giving up 21 might not be good enough down the road. With an offense that comes and goes as whether they are on point or a little off, the defense must find their tempo and run with it.

Time To Make A Statement

If the Badgers want to prove that they still are the powerhouse that was once believed by the nation, next week will be their opportunity. With traveling to the big house to face number 12 Michigan, it will be now or never to show what they are made of. Most do not know what they are going to get when it comes to Michigan, but all know that it is never an easy task. The last two games that the Badgers faced the Wolverines, little offense was shown on both sides. It came down to the defense and this time around, nothing has changed. With the acquiring of QB Shea Patterson, Michigan finally has an air threat the should have the Badgers concerned.

Not to say that a defeat isn’t possible, it very much is, but it will not come handed. This will be an early test to prepare the Badgers before heading into Happy Valley a couple weeks later. What the game against Nebraska showed is if the offense ignites, there is no looking back. The consistency is what is of concern. If Wisconsin can bring the same fire power next week though, it will be too much for Michigan’s tough defense to handle. Defeating a struggling Nebraska should not be taken with a grain of salt. Take that energy into next week and we will have ourselves a great football game that hopefully comes out with a victory.

On Wisconsin!

Offensive Player Of The Week: Jonathan Taylor

Defensive Player Of The Week: T.J. Edwards


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