Your Complete Guide to the NCAA March Madness.


The time has finally arrived. The time where high schoolers fake sick to get wings at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. The time where internet data usage rises through the roof and kids are grounded for making their parents spend that kind of money. The time where one beer turns into six as you continue to keep yourself glued to the television at the sports bar. The time of our lives: March Madness.


Now if you’re anything like me, you have probably only really pay attention to college basketball as soon as it hits March. I have seen some highlights and some FBI reports here and there but when it came down to actually watching a game, I did not. However last year I got the first 56 games correct on one of my brackets and picked the champion so I know what I am talking about. If you plan on making bets, and in the past you have relied on a goldfish for your bets (@barstool), this is the article you want to read. So now I will go through each first round game and tell you the winner of each game. I will then pick who I think is the overall champion of the tournament.




1.UVA vs 16. UMBC


Winner: UVA


UMBC stands for University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I have never heard of them before and I don’t believe you have either. Virginia by 25.


8. Creighton vs 9. Kansas St.


Winner: Creighton


As long as McDermott is coaching Creighton, you can count on them getting out of the first round.


5. Kentucky vs 12. Davidson


Winner: Kentucky


I almost picked Davidson just because of the memory of Steph Curry but Kentucky are SEC champs and you can never not pick them.


4. Arizona vs 13. Buffalo


Winner: Arizona


Arizona was involved heavily in the FBI investigation, so be ready for them to prove something this tourney season.


6. Miami vs 11. Loyola-Chicago


Winner: Loyola-Chicago


I follow a really pretty girl on instagram who plays Volleyball for Loyola so this one is for you! Sup?


3. Tennessee vs. 14. Wright State


Winner: Tennessee


I had no idea Tennessee was decent this year but after 30 seconds of research, I have concluded that they can and will win this game.


7. Nevada vs. 10. Texas


Winner: Texas


Everything is bigger in Texas, including Mo Bamba and this win.


2. Cincinnati vs. 15. Georgia St.


Winner: Cincinnati


Like Tennessee, I had no idea that Cincinnati was good. I like their chances in this game.




1. Xavier vs. 16. Who cares?

Winner: Xavier


This will not be the first time a 16 seed beats a 1 seed, sorry.


8. Missouri vs. 9. Florida St.


Winner: Missouri


I am only picking Missouri because of Michael Porter Jr. and so are you.

5. Ohio St. vs 12. South Dakota St.


Winner: Ohio St.


I was born in Ohio. Ohio State by 30.

4. Gonzaga vs. 13. UNCG


Winner Gonzaga


Gonzaga is a school I always pick because their name is cool and they are always in the tournament. This may not be their year to win it all but I think they have one of the best chances.

6. Houston vs 11. San Diego St.


Winner: San Diego St.


This is one of those games where you have no idea what these teams are capable of but you haven’t picked an upset in a while so you pick one here.

3. Michigan vs. 14. Montana


Winner: Michigan


Who let Montana in? As much as I don’t like Michigan they are super hot right now so it is obvious to pick them.


2. UNC vs. 15. Lipscomb


Winner: UNC


I don’t think Roy Williams is able to lose this game. I also have absolutely no idea where in the world Lipscomb is. Tarheels by 28.




1. Villanova vs. 16. Someone


Winner: Villanova


I firmly believe that Villanova is the scariest team in this year’s tournament, they have all the tools. Well, that’s what I am suppose to say to sound smart.


8. Virginia Tech vs. 9. Alabama


Winner: Alabama


Collin Sexton is the real deal. I would say that he might be the best point guard coming out of college. He reminds of De’aaron Fox, and his team won games so that means that Alabama will win this game.


5. West Virginia vs. 12. Murray St.


Winner: Murray St.


Murray St. is just one of those bracket busting teams that people always seem to forget about. This is one of those years where you will not forget to pick them because I did it for you.


4. Wichita St. vs 13. Marshall


Winner:  Wichita St.


When was the last time Wichita St. lost in the first round? Exactly, easy pick here.


6. Florida vs. 11. St. Mary’s School of Blind People.


Winner: Florida


The memories of Joakim Noah playing at Florida still haunt me but this a lock.


3. Texas Tech vs. 14. SF Austin

Winner: SF Austin


It is pretty safe to say that this will be the one upset everyone picks. This game might as well become a rivalry.


7. Arkansas vs. 10. Butler


Winner: Butler


Two upsets in a row! I must be crazy! I am not and Butler will always be good because of Brad Stevens who coaches the Celtics.


2. Purdue vs 15. CSU Fullerton


Winner: Purdue


This one will be the closest game between all the 2 seeds and the 15 seeds. It seems like Purdue will pull it out in the end however. I don’t think that CSU Fullerton is real.




1. Kansas vs. 16. Penn


Winner: Kansas


If you are one of those people who picked Penn already for this game, I applaud your bravery. Kansas sucks in the tournament and always will but for this game it’s an easy win for them.


8. Seton Hall vs. 9. NC State


Winner: NC State


I have full 100% confidence that NC State will pull this one out. They always do…..They always do.


5. Clemson vs. 12. New Mexico St.


Winner: Clemson


65% of people picked Clemson for this game and I completely agree with them.


4. Auburn vs. 13. Charleston


Winner: Auburn


Charleston is my favorite city I have ever been to, however I have no idea how good they are at basketball and I know Auburn knows how to turn it up when they need to.


6. TCU vs. 11. Probably Syracuse


Winner: TCU


I can guarantee you that the Horned Frogs will get their Frogs going and win this game by a good margin.


3. Michigan St. 14. Bucknell


Winner: Michigan St.


If Tom Izzo loses this game, then I would be furious. I have Michigan St. in my final four and so do you, well at least you do now.


7. URI vs. 10. Oklahoma


Winner: Oklahoma


Oklahoma won some big games early in the season when teams did not know how to defend Trae Young but they cooled off significantly but expect them to get hot at the right time.


2. Duke vs. 15 Iona


Winner: Duke


Don’t be fooled, this has Duke vs Mercer written all over it. If you pick Iona, you are not a fool and I admire you a whole lot.



I REALLY REALLY REALLY like Deandre Ayton. If he can turn into what Lebron turns into in the playoffs then there is no college basketball team that can stop them.


Friends, I have just given you the tools to go out there and succeed. Follow your heart and dreams and your bracket will be just as amazing as mine will be.


Bucks in Six,


Jed Lyneis


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