Covid Fears Halts Big 10 Season


Fall Sports Cancelled

Just a week ago, the Wisconsin Badgers 2020 schedule was released to the public. Months ago, the Big Ten had decided that teams would only face in conference competition. Whispers amongst the sports world continued to spread of what Universities and their conferences would decide to do with being in the middle of a pandemic and on Tuesday, we got that answer.

Most universities approved postponing fall athletics due to the pandemic that is still well and alive in the United States. Back in March when the National Tournament was cancelled along with halts to the NBA season, no one thought this would carry over to fall sports. Yet, it has and the power five conferences had to make a choice. Big Ten took the reigns and decided to take a stand.

Barry Alvarez Speaks Out

The long time Wisconsin Athletic Director spoke out to the media after news came out of the postponed season. Alvarez stated that “they did not get enough answers (from medical field) to move forward with practice, physical practice and pads on”. The AD also went on to discuss that the meetings had amongst the schools were hard and they had discussed holding off the season just for a couple of weeks, but ultimately it could not be known if that would make a difference or not.

Animosity Among Others

As well as Wisconsin has handled this situation and has faced the public, other schools have not been shy of their disappointment with the season. The most outspoken has been Nebraska. Where they have stated they would like to play this fall, outside of the conference, but ultimately, the Big Ten shot that idea down quickly. It is clear that the players around the NCAA wanted to play more than anything, some opting out, but many wanted to play.

Especially for the seniors at Wisconsin, this is not how they believed their final year would conclude. With talks of playing in the spring, it does create a possible swan song for those who hope to wear the cardinal red one more season. Safety has to be their top concern at this moment and it will be up to them if they choose to play in the spring.

Questionable Actions

As stated before, a week ago the schedules were release and then it went straight to no season at all. It is hard to gauge what occurred within just one week that flipped the plan 180. Not much has come out, but many are speculating that not much was done to try and come up with a safe plan to allow the teams to play. Bubbles such as the NBA and NHL work, but it seems almost impossible to control that type of environment with football let alone college students.

Every day there is a new development along the lines of this pandemic. It has been great to have some sports back for the time being, but unfortunately fall will be a little less than normal without Badger football taking place on Saturdays. One can only hope that maybe, just maybe spring will bring back football to Camp Randall.


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