Wisconsin Paints The Big House Red


Badgers Trample Michigan 49-11

After two weeks off from a Covid-19 outbreak, it was fair to speculate if the Badgers would have been a tad rusty coming into Ann Arbor. Not even five minutes in though, Wisconsin proved that a break made no difference at all. The very first play for the Wolverines offense lead to a interception by Scott Nelson. It only went downhill from there for Michigan.

Not only was Don Brown’s defense no match for the Badgers offense, Jim Leonard’s defense gave the Wolverine’s offense no room at all. With two take aways and only allowing 214 total yards, Wisconsin showed that Michigan should be in full on program panic mode. Compared to the Badgers, who continue their path to go back to the Big Ten Championship game.

Running Game Still A Threat

Of course the talk of the night was focused on QB Graham Mertz, who had a quietly good night finishing with 127 yards and two touchdowns by going 12/22. What came out in full force though the ground game that made a much needed appearance.  A triple threat of Berger, Chenal, and Watson lead the way for Wisconsin having a total off 341 rushing yards five touchdowns.

It was a relief to see that Wisconsin’s identity of a great run game is still in tact. Behind a continued tradition of a talented offensive line, it shows the Badgers as a duel threat with going through the air and on the ground. A combination Badger Nation has not had the pleasure of watching for some time.

Long Road To Go

Even with only four games to go, the toughest matchups are yet to come. Next week will kick off against Northwestern on the road. Then Minnesota who has proved that maybe last year was a fluke, and then Wisconsin finishes the season with Indiana at home and Iowa on the road. Initially, Wisconsin’s schedule looked like a smooth ride, but with surprise play by Indiana and Northwestern, there may be a few bumps in the rood. If the Badgers want to show they belong at the top with the nations best, then they will have win every game to prove that.


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