The Intangibles Orlando Arcia Brings to Milwaukee

It is no question that this Brewers season has been an interesting one. From beginning the season projected to be basement dwellers, to leading by 5.5 games at the all-star break, to now a couple games back at the beginning of September, its safe to say this season has been a roller coaster.

There have been players like Domingo Santana, and Jimmy Nelson who have pleasantly surprised the ball club. Additionally, new acquisitions like Travis Shaw and Eric Thames who have made the front office look like they have a magic 8 ball hidden somewhere. That aside, there has been one player that has stood out and has brought life to the organization, Orlando Arcia.

Just off of his 23rd birthday, the young Venezuelan has flashed the leather all over the field since his debut. However, it is not just his defensive skills that have made their mark on Milwaukee. His average has risen to the .270-290 range for the last few months, and he is beginning to find power he rarely had down in the minors.

There is still more to Arcia’s game that makes him special, it’s the intangibles, or as they say,

“The things you can’t coach” –every coach ever.

Initially the first thing you notice, the energy he brings inside the clubhouse is incredible. The Brewers are a young team trying to exceed expectations, and it is beginning to seem like the leader of the pack is the young shortstop.

Another thing that stands out about El Niño’s defense is that he often calls off teammates on fly balls, even if the pop up isn’t close to him. At first glance it seems like that’s because he’s a gold glove caliber player, but it goes deeper than that. It shows that he not only is acknowledged as a great player by his teammates, but they trust him to make that play. Bottom line, they trust him as a leader, and that is something you can’t put a price on.

He is also the life at the end of “the gauntlet” for every homerun hit by the team, as he screams at the batters and/or splashes water in their face as they make their return to the dugout. If you have been asleep all season and haven’t seen this, it looks somewhat like this,

Orlando is so into this, even if he is on the base paths when one of Counsell’s Crushers smacks one, he will run to the end of the gauntlet to celebrate accordingly. Can’t coach that.

Finally, he interacts with fans; he is a 23-year-old kid who is just having fun out there.Exhibit A, the ice cream incident:

It may seem dumb, but it shows the fans of Milwaukee that this guy has a personality behind that smile, and it is only a matter of time before he could be the face that this franchise as been desperately waiting for.


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