5 Unusual Predictions for the 2017-18 Milwaukee Bucks


1. Coach Jason Kidd will put a decent player in the doghouse for no readily available reason.
One game or one month, it makes little difference. Coach Kidd will, without a doubt, keep a starter or an important reserve on the bench at some point during the NBA season. Last year it was Greg Monroe. It lasted for about a week until Coach Kidd realized his backup was an inexperienced Thon Maker, as well as the continually underwhelming John Henson and Miles Plumlee. The Bucks went a measly 1-3 in that span. The season before that it was Giannis Antetokounmpo. In Antetokounmpo’s case, it was only one game, and unexpectedly, it led to this fiery bout of well-rested passion:

Nevertheless, for the good or the bad, it is going to happen again. My bet is on either Mirza Teletovic for a month or Tony Snell for a few games.

2. Antetokounmpo will literally dunk from the free throw line.
First, there was this dunk against the New York Knicks (something about Madison Square Garden gets this man going):

Then, there was this dunk against the Indiana Pacers:

The next logical evolution is a legit Antetokounmpo free throw line dunk. The funny thing is that I don’t even think Antetokounmpo will notice when it happens. Let’s step inside an accurate prediction of the Greek Freak’s mind: “Oh awesome I have the ball and no one is in front of me. Well here’s the basket getting closer so let me jump now and finish this play off. Why is everyone going bonkers?” Antetokounmpo’s own freakish athleticism may be something he can get used to, but the rest of us stand no chance.

3. There will be a bench reaction to end all bench reactions.
One hilarious side note to the 2014-15 NBA season is the Bucks’ reserves’ reactions to the infamous Brandon Knight botched layup:

(I will never not laugh at John Henson’s theatrics)

Maybe it’ll happen when Antetokounmpo literally dunks from the free throw line. Or maybe Dellavedova will reach down into the darkest bowels of his grittiness and downright disrespect the King with a demolishing denial on a slam attempt. Or hey, maybe Mirza Teletovic pulls up from half court on a heat check and rips the net with a perfect swish. Let’s pray for all three in one sequence for the craziest bench reaction of all time.

4. Gus Johnson will go nuts (more than the expected day-to-day Gus Johnson craziness that we all love) during a live broadcast and the ensuing clip will go viral.
Much like Antetokounmpo’s inevitable slam from the free throw line, an iconic Johnson quote has been in the works for a while. Johnson doesn’t offer the smooth steadiness of longtime play-by-play guy Jim Paschke. That’s okay though, because, much like an NBA player known for unbelievable highlights, he creates spectacular you-need-to-see-this moments. These flashes are marked by naïve, almost just plain childlike, astonishment towards a certain play. This dude just downright loves sports.

Anyway, I predict that Johnson will make a lasting call this season that will put the Bucks on the national map for a day. Someone, anyone on the Bucks: make this happen!

5. Jon Horst and the new front office squad will pull off an impossibly clever and uncharacteristically smart mid-season maneuver.
There have been a lot of public question marks surrounding the Bucks executives of late. Some of it has been deserved (GM dilemma) and some of it is typical cautious Bucks fan narcissism (who can blame us?). Nonetheless, I see a successful chess-like move in the Bucks’ future. Bold and completely unfounded, I know. But for all the shit that has come Horst’s way (it’s not his fault for accepting a quick promotion), I feel like some karma has built up in Horst’s favor. Perhaps a contender will abdicate too much in order to achieve the expiring contract of a now playoff-seasoned Greg Monroe. Or maybe Horst will sign a random free agent who becomes a solid contributor. Whatever the case, let’s hope for no disastrous moves that’ll reinforce the idea of an inept Horst.


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