Bucks 2018 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Aaron Holiday



College – UCLA

Hometown – Chatsworth, CA

Height – 6’0.75”

Wingspan – 6’7.5”

Age – 21 years old

Aaron Holiday is the youngest of the 3 Holiday brothers. The oldest Jrue is the starting PG for the New Orleans Pelicans and the middle Justin is a guard for the Chicago Bulls. Aaron was a 4-star recruit coming out of Campbell Hall High School. He chose UCLA just like big brother Jrue. Aaron had an interesting career at UCLA in which he started every game his freshman year. However, came off the bench in favor of coaches’ son Bryce Alford and super prospect Lonzo Ball. Finally, in his last year Aaron started every game once again. Aaron had a nice career as a Bruin and now looks to go the way of his brothers into the NBA.


  • Guard versatility
  • Scoring
  • Defensive Hustle
  • Intensity
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Shooting

Aaron Holiday brings the versatility of being able to not only be a lead guard, but he can also thrive off the ball. Aaron Holiday is a guy who can really put the ball in the basket. He averaged 20.3 ppg in his junior year. He averaged 14.3 ppg throughout his entire career despite coming off the bench his sophomore year. Throughout his college career he was lauded as a relentless and intense defender. He can be an absolute ball hawk at times. He was also graded out as an excellent Pick and Roll defender. He’s a very speedy guard. He’s also very strong for his size. He always brings his all and you’ll never see him take a night off. Aaron isn’t afraid of the bright lights, can knock down shots in big moments. His bread and butter is his shooting. He was an absolute sniper in college. He shot 42.9% from deep last year and shot 42.2% for his career. He shot 45% from the field in his career. He also improved his free throw percentage every year going from 72.7% to 79.3% and finished at a respectable 82.8%. His biggest strength is his catch and shoot ability. He finished in the 98th percentile in catch and shoot points per possession at 1.482. This catch and shoot ability comes from his ability to set his feet quickly and release the ball from a high point over other defenders.


  • Combo Guard
  • Not explosive
  • Turnovers
  • Low Ceiling

He doesn’t have a designated position he’ll play in the league, is more of a combo guard. There’s nothing wrong with combo guards, but can make for a clunky fit at times with other smaller guards.  He’s not an explosive athlete for his size. Which may cause him to struggle finishing at the next level. There were times where he was very turnover prone in college. The St. Bonaventure game was the peak of this iceberg where he turned it over 10 times in a loss. Wasn’t the best shooter of the bounce and will need to improve those numbers in the league. His ceiling may not be much higher than his floor now. You may be getting a finished product and you’ll have to fall in love with what he is now.

Role on the Bucks:

The chances of finding a star at 17 overall are very slim. So, the goal should be to find someone who can fill a specific goal or does at least one thing very well. Aaron Holiday checks both boxes. He fills the role as a catch and shoot specialist. It’s probably unreasonable to expect anything near the 20 ppg he put up in his junior year, but we should be able to expect that when he’s open from beyond the arc he’s going to knock it down most of the time. He’s also going to bring hustle and intensity on the defensive end. These are two things the Bucks desperately crave, as Tony Snell had disappointed in that role last year. Aaron Holiday won’t be asked to do too much if he’s drafted by the Bucks. He’ll be asked to be a 3 and D boost off the bench in his first year and possibly that maybe the role he fits in his entire career.


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