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How many of these 5 will make it through the offseason – Picture Via Bucksketball.com

The trade deadline has come and gone, now the Bucks are on a bit of a run, especially our young core. So I decided it would be a fun activity to have some our staff writers rank the Bucks assets, we operated under the assumption that expirings could be traded still. I also decided it would be fun to include this years first round pick to give a rough barometer of where we think the roster will be headed into next year.

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Bucks Asset Rankings By Writer

1.) Giannis Antetokounmpo Consensus Score: 1

The Greek Freak has been atop my personal rankings since a few months into his rookie year. Since the All-Star Break Giannis is averaging 19.1 points, 10.3 rebounds, 7.8 assists per game, those are just absurd numbers. He can do everything on the court, he has been putting up top ten player numbers over that stretch. Does he still need to be a little more consistent? Yes. Does he need to work on his jumpshot? Yes. He has a ton of things to refine his game, but he is already a top player in the NBA well on his track to being a perennial all star. He has gotten to the point where analysts have run out of player comparisons for him, he is his own star, and he has no ceiling. 

2.) Jabari Parker Consensus Score: 2

Jabari has been raising his value, by dunking all over the place.

Jabari since the All-Star break is averaging 21.5 points and 7.4 rebounds a game. He may not keep this up for the rest of the year, but he has shown his potential over these ten games. He is clearly close to untouchable for the time being, whether or not I agree is neither here nor there, Jabari Parker’s value is clearly sky-high at this point in time.

3.) Khris Middleton Consensus Score: 3

Khris has had a great season and expanded his game immensely. I think he is clearly above the guys below him, perhaps there is an argument to be made that he is more valuable than Jabari due to fit or something along those lines, but I am not the guy to make it. Khris is great, but the odds of him making another big leap in his age 25 season are slim at best. He is a great player as is though and a very valuable one on his current contract.

4.) Greg Monroe Consensus Score: 5

Greg is still clearly a starting quality guy in this league unfortunately he is a poor fit here in Milwaukee, which is why he is coming off the bench now. Greg still scores in the post at an elite level and he rebounds well in addition to that. His defense could possibly look better in a different system, but Kidd’s swarming system does not fit Monroe well.

5.) John Henson Consensus Score: 5.25

Henson is a better fit with the starters than Monroe, the numbers bear that out. There is definitely an arguement to be made that Henson with 4 relatively cost controlled years left on his deal has more value than Monroe, though missing 20 games with this back injury definitely does not help that case. That said Henson is still an elite shot blocker, and a very good finisher around the rim.

6.) 2016 First Round Pick Consensus Score: 5.75

This pick could be anywhere from 6-12 really the way teams are currently bunched up, but there is good reason to value this pick regardless of where it lands: John Hammond. 4 of the aforementioned 5 players went 10th or later, there is talent in the late lottery. This player will be under team control for 7+ years, that is a benefit no other Bucks asset can match.

7.) Rashad Vaughn Consensus Score: 7.25

Vaughn has been labeled a disappointment by some Bucks fans, I haven’t been able to figure out why yet though. Compared to picks 16,18,19,20 (Terry Rozier, Sam Dekker, Jerian Grant, and Delon Wright) Vaughn has been a godsend those guys have struggled to get minutes. Vaughn has gotten somewhat steady minutes, and in my opinion looks noticeably better. Rookies Suck, more in the NBA than any other league, because of how young they break in. I’d be shocked if Vaughn is not noticeably better next season.

8.) Michael Carter-Williams Consensus Score: 7.75

MCW’s season ending injury hurts his value just a touch. His value is inherently limited by what he lacks rather than what he provides, because the skills he lacks make him such a poor fit on so many NBA teams. He still has value on his rookie scale deal, but its so team specific.

9.) Jerryd Bayless Consensus Score: 8.75

Bayless has been the Bucks best shooter outside of Middleton all year and is having a career year and should get a nice contract raise after this year. The Bucks should be able to resign him if they want, but it will likely cost them. This limits Bayless’s value as he could sign anywhere this summer.

Bayless has been balling out all season.
Bayless has been balling out all season.

10.) Miles Plumlee Consensus Score: 10.5

Miles Plumlee will be a restricted free agent this summer, it is very tough to estimate his value going forward, but since he is restricted the Bucks will have match rights. Plumlee has been balling out of late and looks like the guy who started on that near playoff team in Phoenix.

11.) Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo Consensus Score: 11.25

These rankings were done pre-stair falling ankle break, Mayo will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, coming off the worst year of his career shooting 37% from the field and 32% from three. He will be in the NBA next year, but he will not get a deal similar in money to his current one. I’d be surprised if he can get multiple guaranteed years.

12.) Johnny O’Bryant III Consensus Score: 12

JOB has improved massively, unfortunately that still leaves him as a bad NBA player. He should be in the NBA next year, but without another massive leap it could be his last. I don’t think you could trade him right now for anything really of value. He still has an NBA body and a jumpshot that isn’t terrible, but not a whole lot else going for him.

13.) Tyler Ennis Consensus Score: 13

Ennis is the real winner of the last few weeks, these injuries will force Ennis into action. He has not shown much if anything in his years in the league. He will have a telling summer as the Bucks will have to choose whether or not to pick up his 4th year option. He is less than two years removed from going 18th overall, but he has not shown much if any of the tools that made him a coveted prospect coming out of Syracuse.

14.) Greivis Vasquez Consensus Score: 13.75

We gave up good picks for Greivis, he didn’t play well when he was healthy and has missed most of the season now. He was one of the best back ups in the league when healthy, but he has shown nothing this year. I think especially for the Bucks he holds little to no value, as he has no strong ties to this team. He did not look right from the get go, and one has to wonder if these bone spurs were there when he landed in Milwaukee.

Vasquez never really got a chance here in Milwaukee.
Vasquez never really got a chance here in Milwaukee.

15.) Damien Inglis Consensus Score: 14

I’m close to throwing in the towel on Damien. I was super amped to get him on draft night, I thought he could be like Nic Batum and really D it up night in and night out. Since draft night I have seen nothing from him that gives me hope. I don’t consider his mediocre D-league performances as stellar either, but I mean at least he is playing? I honestly would not be shocked if he was waived this summer.

16.) Steve Novak Jr. Consensus Score: 15.75

Poor Steve Novak, we barely knew ye. Hopefully this wasn’t Steve’s last chance in the NBA, but for a fringe NBA player knee injuries like this can change everything. I think he gets it right this summer and maybe ends up back here for the veterans minimum.



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