Bucks Roundtable part 1


This is the first in what will be a series of pieces where I ask our staff a series of tough questions and they break it down for me. 

Question 1: Give a brief introduction to who you are and what is your favorite moment this season?

Gabe Stoltz: My name is Gabe Stoltz. I am a sophomore student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Right now, I would have to say my favorite moment of the season so far was the double OT win against Cleveland. It was so cool seeing the game’s greatest player, LeBron James, go off in person. The night was made even sweeter when the Bucks were able to pull off the victory. It was definitely one of the top five sporting events I have ever seen live, solely due to the tension that was in the air. From tip to final buzzer, the atmosphere felt like a playoff game.

Alex Murphy: HELLO BUCKS NATION! My name is Alex Murphy and I am a freshman at Marquette University. I have attended all but one game this season so I have plenty of memories, both good and bad. Watching the Bucks take down the Warriors on Saturday night was by far my favorite.

Quin Voet: Current Journalism Student at UW-Milwaukee. Defeating the Golden State Warriors and snapping their undefeated streak.

Question 2: What has gone wrong for the Bucks this season?

GS: As for what has gone wrong for the Bucks this season, I point the finger on the defense. Last year, Milwaukee’s defense was a top five in every defensive category. This year they are nowhere to be found, as our handful of blowout losses have shown. People blame Michael Carter-Williams for the horrible start, but that cannot be pinned on one player. For the most part so far, the defense has lacked the firepower that caught the attention of the league last season and it is taking its toll in the record column.

AM: Call me an optimist, but I don’t think this season has gone that poorly. Sure, most games are extremely frustrating. That makes it really easy to forget where this team was just two seasons ago. Everybody knew it would be tough to win games with a lineup that features 3 non-shooters. I’ve seen plenty of encouraging development from all of our key pieces (even MCW).

QV: The Bucks have the talent but they are lacking team chemistry. They are a group of individuals right now and only time will fix that. Continue to play with their personal and Coach Kidd’s system and they will be successful.
Question 3: Who is the Bucks starting point guard going forward?
GS: Regarding the Bucks starting point guard situation, its really difficult to tell. Michael Carter-Williams has been resurrecting a little bit of an offensive game ever since he has came off the bench and his turnovers are dropping as well. I still think that Jason Kidd has a little trust in him, as he’s sort of waiting to see how his experiment of coming off the bench pans out. Then again, Bucks management has been known to shock fans unexpectedly (cough cough the Brandon Knight trade). Who knows, maybe the Bucks try making a splash in free agency by going after Mike Conley. But we also have to remember we need money for Giannis and Jabari’s max contracts in the future. Considering how we are suiting up to become a lottery team, the draft is a viable option of finding a point guard as well. Kris Dunn out of Providence has the tools that would fit great into the Milwaukee offense. The point guard situation is really a shot in the dark right now. It will pan out over time.
AM: I love the job OJ Mayo has done since being named starting point guard a few games ago. MCW a seems to perform well off the bench and has served as a solid 6 man. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.
QV: I believe Michael Carter-Williams should be their starting point guard going forward. That’s who they had coming into the season, the Bucks made the big trade for him and his size is enough to give the team a significant defensive upside.
Question 4: Who has been the Bucks best player this season?
GS: The Bucks best player so far this season has definitely been Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, a strong candidate can be made for Greg Monroe, as he has put up strong numbers on a consistent basis.
AM: That one Greek guy. What’s his name again? Antikatumbo or something? In all seriousness, Giannis has been fantastic this season. He has looked like a more confident and well rounded player. There have not been as many highlight worthy plays, but his numbers continue to improve.
QV: I would say Greg Monroe is the Bucks best player this season, with Giannis getting an honorable mention. Monroe has quietly lead the Bucks to where they are at with his ability to score and defend in the paint. His size is a solid anchor for the team to build around and play around.
Question 5: How many games do you expect the Bucks to win this season?
GS: As for the number of games we are going to win this season, I do not see this team making the playoffs. I probably would say they win around 35 games or so. At this point, we shouldn’t be caring whether or not we make the playoffs. The Eastern Conference has shown its a stronger conference than last season, and its going to be a difficult task to even muster enough wins to become the eighth seed. We should be making sure Giannis and Jabari get their shots each game and can follow the road to being developed into the all-star caliber of players we know they can be.
AM: The Bucks will win 38 games this season…… maybe? It is so hard to tell with this team. It would surprise me to see them finish out the season with their current win percentage. That being said, I could absolutely see them going on a run after the all star break. Time will tell.
QV: I expect the Bucks to win 37 wins this season and possibly make a lower seed in the playoffs. This season so far isn’t going as planned and there is still a rough December ahead of them. I do still believe the Bucks will develop that chemistry and play the way they were hyped up to be during the offseason. It’s not even 2016 and all that time gives any young talented NBA team a chance to bounce back.
This concludes our first roundtable, if any followers have roundtable questions feel free to tweet them at me (@junesfoshiz) or use the hashtag #CCCRoundtable 


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