Bucks Valentines Day


Valentines Day is a special day in America, where people on Twitter complain about being single. So to switch up the monotony I decided to ask some members of Bucks Twitter the following questions:

1. Which current Buck do you think is cutest?

2. Which current Buck would you most want to go on a date with?

3. Which Buck would you say is best dressed?

The answers were predictably varied, as we each have different likes and dislikes.

Eazy Yi Jianlian (@EasyYiJianlian)

  1. Giannis is adorable – both because of looks and demeanor.
  2. Khris because he is chill and also wealthy, so the date would be a mix of gourmet/bougie and amenable.
  3. Bled because his pre- and post-game fits are lit af

Nathan Marzion (@NathanMarzion)

1. Giannis just because he’s Giannis and he’s adorable

2. Giannis just because I love him the most and he’d be so fun to talk to

3. Pat because I see him in all the postgame pics walking out of the locker room and he has some fresh outfits

Mike (@BrewCityMD)

  1. Giannis is the cutest because every time he smiles I know pure joy.
  2. I would most like to go on a date with Khris because it seems like he projects good vibes always.
  3. Pat is the best dressed Buck because I never see him tuck his joggers into his socks

Brew City (@MKEBucks34)

1. I’ll go with DJ. DJ cause all of the girls I know think he’s really cute

2. Khris cause he’s got the $$$ to make it a great date

3. George Hill cause I think his nickname is GQ George??

Giannis is Upon Us (@4ndrewBarnes)

1. Robin – His nerdiness (not really a word) is unmatched. His whole routine with mascots is one of the more entertaining player relationships across the league. And his and Brook’s obsession with Disney is also pretty dope.
2. Brook – I miss his dates that he did with Katie George last year. They’d do their whole manicure pedicure gig and Brook was always so interesting during those encounters. I feel like he’d be a ball of joy to be around.
3. Hands down Kyle Korver. The Bucks in Six Instagram page that has all of their pre-game/post-game fits are one of the most anticipated occurrences of the Bucks day-to-day operations in my opinion. He always looks so cozy. He’ll have like a fluffy turtleneck or a sly pea coat or something real smooth. It actually fits perfect with his silky smooth jumper too. Kudos to him.
SnellSZN (@SnellSZN)
1: kyle korver, the man has aged elegantly
2: robin or brook, i feel like a date with either would be a ton of fun. we could go see a disney movie or something
3: it is a 3 way tie between george, DJ and donte. all three have unfathomable drip
Junesfoshiz AKA Me (@Junesfoshiz)
1. Donte, that chin line is absurd
2. Khris he is funny and seems pretty down to earth.
3. Has to be DJ the outfits he wears are usually straight fire.
So that is some takes from Bucks Twitter, what do y’all think? Let me know on Twitter @Junesfoshiz


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