Milwaukee Bucks Game 6 Recap


Bucks Win Six!

Bucks Win Six! Bucks Win Six! That was what I was chanting after that win and then I went to bed because I have a job. However, it was a marvelous game that ended up being taken over by Giannis at the end and the Celtics had no answer. Without further ado, here is your recap:

What went right:

Starting Thon Maker was the right call for Prunty. The Bucks play well when they spread the floor and are able to switch on defense. Zeller was unable to do those things while acting as the starter so Prunty made the switch. Thon’s athleticism and unpredictable nature can make the Celtics seem unprepared for what is to happen. However whether or not he executes, that is never for certain. Thon is also a lot of Buck’s fans favorite player, when he does well the crowd gets going and the Bucks feed off that. Prunty’s decision to start the young center was the right one. Also: PLAYOFF THONNNNNNN!!!!!

Getting hot at the end of the first and second quarter was huge for the Bucks. All series the team that dominated the first quarter won the game. Even though the Bucks had a lower score they went into the rest of the game with confidence in their shots and trust in other teammates’ abilities. This is the closest score of the first quarter in the series so maybe it won’t matter what happens. The end of the second quarter was truly electric. The crowd got into it at the end and the energy displayed by the Bucks was phenomenal. It seemed as though every single shot from Boston was an airball and the lackluster team from Massachusetts couldn’t get anything going offensively at all.

Parker and Bledsoe’s effort are two things that I specifically looked for during the game. The first half Parker was outstanding, he was hustling on D, Grabbing boards like crazy, and efficiently scoring on offense. Brad Stevens fears the rise of Jabari because if his offense game catches fire, there is no stopping that. Bledsoe was selfish like normal on offense and when he drove to the rack it either was a nice floater off the glass or a horrific pass that was stolen. The oop to Giannis, that was nice, very nice.

What went wrong:

After 5 games, the Milwaukee Bucks still have absolutely no idea on how to guard Al Horford. He uses his large body to create space and has epic post moves that blow by our defenders. Our bigs are so scared to guard the perimeter because they fear that 3 point shot that Horford can knockdown at an alarming rate (43% during the season but only 20% during the playoffs). Al Horford’s sneaky athleticism gets him to the rack often and the only way we can stop him is to foul him, which can get him going. I believe that he gets the most calls out of any player but I am sure Boston fans would counter and say Giannis does. Oh well.

Open threes killed us at both ends. We give up so many and even the average talented team Celtics can hit those to get hot. When the Bucks get lazy on defense or help too much, that leaves Rozier or Brown or Tatum open way too much for comfort. These kill the Bucks because it normally comes in at a barrage instead of every once in a while. On the other end of the court, the Bucks could not hit an open three to save themselves. Tony Snell’s 3 point shooting has completely disappeared this season but he still takes shots. Shooters shoot I guess.


The fact that we didn’t wear our Fear the Deer black jerseys was huge. It is just simple analytics. We are 0-8 this year playing with them on at home and we barely score over 100. Even though the theme is always Fear the Deer, the Bucks went simply white and it paid off. At least it made me feel better.


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Jed Lyneis


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