Top Landing Spots for Malcolm Brogdon


I need to start this article off by saying two very important things. One, Malcolm Brogdon could be an asset for every team in the NBA. Brogdon was a 50,40,90 player this past year who takes care of the ball.  He is going into his 4th year in the NBA, but he has the composure of a seasoned veteran in big situations. The Bucks relied heavily on him in the playoffs even as a rookie against the Toronto Raptors. He truly is a player who can fit into any system and make that team immediately better.  The second thing that needs to be said is that the Milwaukee Bucks are the best team for him. He knows the system, had the best year under Coach Bud, and is a fan favorite. Malcolm Brogdon is a top priority for the Bucks, and thankfully he is a restricted free agent so the Bucks will have a chance to match any offer.  The following list is naming the top teams that should consider Brogdon because of how he could impact their team and fit their needs.  

Denver Nuggets:

The Nuggets right now are strapped for cash.  They signed Jokic to the max, and Gary Harris and Will Barton to extensions.  One way that they will most likely free up cap space this year is by declining Paul Milsap’s $30 million team option. After declining his team option, they would free up enough cap space to sign Malcolm Brogdon.  Jamal Murray and Jokic have carried most of the offensive load during the regular season and in the playoffs, but at times were inconsistent. Jamal Murray is an electric scorer, but he is still young and not consistent.  He will have games where he scores 40 points, but then another where he scores 20 and turns the ball over. Enter Malcolm Brogdon. He will bring consistent scoring and game management for a young team who was one game away from the Western Conference Finals. Brogdon is comfortable playing off the ball, but would also give Murray a chance to play offball and utilize Jokic for off and on ball screens.  Also, Brogdon and Jokic pick and roll would be one of the best in the NBA with their high basketball IQ and passing ability. With Brogdon they also have options on gaining assets by possibly trading Barton or Harris which could add another piece to their team or free up more cap room. 

Phoenix Suns:

To put it bluntly, the Phoenix Suns are a hot mess right now.  The organization has been rebuilding for what seems to be 10 years now, and are still trying to find talent to put around their star guard Devin Booker.  The Suns missed out on their chance to grab Luka Doncic with the first pick last, but still drafted a very talented young center is Ayton. With Booker and Ayton, they have two young cornerstones to build around, but they need more help.  The Suns traded away TJ Warren this year to free up cap room, and bought out Tyson Chandler last year to do the same. These were both questionable decisions since Warren is a valuable, young guard who was their second leading scorer behind Booker.  Chandler was an expiring contract they could’ve been used in a trade to acquire some more talent. These are the questionable decisions that have the Suns as one of the worst teams in the league. The Suns have experimented with Booker as the point guard, but he plays his best when he can play off the ball. In 2017-2018, Booker hit 41% of his corner 3’s which were 11% of his shots attempted..  In 2018-2019, his shooting percentage went down to 34.5% from corner 3’s and they only made up for 7% of his shots. The drop from 11% to 7% could be traced back to him being the dominant ball handler. Signing Brogdon will allow Booker to play his natural role he did in college, as an offball scorer. Do not get me wrong, he is great at creating his own shot and should continue to do that, but adding a point guard who takes care of the ball and can also shoot (aka Brogdon) will allow for Booker to get different looks throughout the game.  Brogdon is also a great defender who can guard multiple positions. This will allow the Suns to sometime hide Booker on the defensive end. They also have $20 million in cap space that they can use to offer a larger contract that the Bucks might be unable to match.

Los Angeles Lakers:

The Lakers really need to consider Malcolm Brogdon.  They signed Lebron in 2018 and traded for Anthony Davis in 2019, but they need help.  Right now the Lakers have three starters, the two additions I already mentioned and Kyle Kuzman.  Besides those players, the team is made up of players that most likely no one knows except die-hard Laker fans.  The plan has already come out that they are going to try to sign a 3rd max contract player, but that isn’t the right move.  They have their two cornerstones, and in an upcoming NBA season that is loaded with question marks, Lebron and Anthony Davis can win you a ring.  Kawhi Leonard and Fred Van Vleet just won one and if that doesn’t prove my point, I don’t know what does. The Lakers need to surround those two with talented players who can compliment them.  They need players who do not mind playing second, third, or even fourth fiddle on the team, shooters, and players with high basketball IQs to keep up with Lebron. I know what you’re wondering, “Did you just describe Malcolm Brogdon?” Yes, yes I did.  He is the perfect compliment to Lebron and Anthony Davis. He plays hard on defense which could make up for regular season Lebron and Kuzma, he shoots extremely well, he makes great decisions, and he knows his role. He is a more talented Mario Chalmers who Lebron won’t have to scream at every game.  If the Lakers can sign him and solid veteran, the team will be in great shape to make a run for the finals.  



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