What Robin Lopez Brings to the Bucks


After being rumored to the Bucks if bought out last season, Robin Lopez has finally joined his brother Brook in Milwaukee.  The Bucks signed the veteran center to a 2 year, $4.8 million contract this offseason. The 2019-2020 offseason was an important one for the Bucks.  They had four starters hit the free agent market in Bledsoe, Middleton, Brogdon, and Brook Lopez. The Bucks were able to resign three of the four starters, and sent Brogdon to the Pacers in a sign-and-trade.  Milwaukee then set their sights in finding depth. The Bucks did not have a strong back up center last season, so that was a top priority this offseason. Here is what Robin Lopez will bring to the Bucks this coming season:


The Lopez brothers are big, aggressive, and know how to play defense.  Brook Lopez was one of the Bucks top defenders last season, and signing Robin Lopez brings that same intensity and leadership to the second unit.  For the Chicago Bulls last year, the Bulls opponents shot 9.4% worse within six feet when R. Lopez was in. He is a difference maker on the defensive end who causes players to adjust their shots when he’s in the lane.  Lopez also averaged 1.1 blocks while playing 21.7 minutes per game. Here is an example from his time with the Trailblazers of the effort he will put in on the defensive end whenever he is in the game.


Just one season ago, the Milwaukee Bucks were dead last in rebounds per game.  Last season, under coach Bud, the Bucks turned it around and when from last to first.  However, the Bucks two leading rebounders were Giannis with 12.5 and Middleton with 6.0 rebounds per game.  Giannis leading a team in rebounds in understandable since he is a super human, but Middleton being your second leading is surprising.  Even though the Bucks led the league in rebounds, they were bottom of the pack in offensive rebounds per game. They ranked 25th with 9.3 offensive rebounds per game.  The Bucks need to improve this going into the 2019 season, and Robin Lopez is the guy to do that. Robin lopez averaged 1.9 offensive rebounds in his limited role with the Bulls last season, but he has a career average of 2.5.  He is a player who comes in and does the dirty work. He doesn’t have a three point shot like his brother Brook, but he has that same aggressive attitude that allows him to fight for every rebound. Out of all of his rebounds last season 59.4% of them were contested.  He is not afraid to throw his body around to get the ball. The first play on this clip shows the effort he puts in when it comes to rebounding. His effort and ability to box out will continue to improve the Bucks’ rebounding on both ends of the court.


The Bucks have added many pieces to their teams over the last couple offseasons to address areas of need.  George Hill gave the Bucks a playoff experienced point guard, Brook Lopez added defense and 3 point shooting, and Wesley Mathews gives the Bucks a solid 3 and D veteran. Adding Robin Lopez gives the Bucks something they haven’t had since Larry Sanders, an F you attitude. Lopez brings a toughness to a team that desperately needs it. He is an aggressive big man that will use his body to punish opponents, and will quickly defend his teammates in any situation.   The Warriors have Draymond Green, the Clippers have Patrick Beverly, and the Thunder have Steven Adams. These are all players who play with a chip on their shoulder, and bring an energy that only few can bring. The Bucks’ finally have their pitbull on the team that they desperately needed. The clip below shows Lopez quickly stepping in when Grant gets into his teammates face.  


Robin Lopez doesn’t just bring value on the court, but he also provides instant entertainment for fans off the court.  Lopez is known as the NBA player who fights with opponents mascots. Every time he is in Toronto, he makes sure he goes straight fist to cuffs with the Raptor. He is a player who you can see truly enjoys the game and brings an element of fun wherever he goes.  Lopez also immediately became the Bucks’ Twitter MVP. After signing with the Bucks he put out a series of tweets that mentioned Harry Potter, called out his brother, and “complained” about signing his former teammate Wesley Mathews.  

Robin Lopez came to the Bucks on a cheap contract, and will play an important role for the team.  The Bucks were able to bring in Brook Lopez last year on a cheap contract which turned out to be the steal of free agency, and now Robin has the chance to do the same thing this coming season. He will provide valuable minutes off the bench and immediately brings an element of toughness to the Bucks. Robin Lopez is winning fans over day by day and is truly a great pick for the Bucks on and off the court.


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