Khris Middleton – The Return

Middleton has been great for the Bucks, but does he have another gear?


          It’s no secret that the Milwaukee Bucks aren’t a shooting team. I don’t see them turning into one either. With their best two players on the team being athletic finishers and not great shooters, it’s not a shocker why they can’t win close games. However, with Middleton returning to the lineup tonight, there is light at the end of the tunnel. K Money missed the first 50 games of the season with a ruptured left hamstring which resulted in surgery. Ahead of schedule, Midds was cleared by the team doctors on Sunday, and is now set to return on the court. His silky jumper was last sighted September 20th 2016 (141 days). The team has gone 2-8 in the last 10 games and a big reason is because of bad ball movement, lack of defense, and poor rebounding. Recently acquiring Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert and getting rid of Miles Plumlee (4 year/52 million dollar contract) is showing that the Bucks are focusing on clearing up some cap space and adding some versatility. After being injured for so long reports indicate that he will not be plugged into the starting lineup right away. Kidd said they’ll ease him in; trying to give him some time to adjust.


          With Khris Middleton coming back, Tony Snell will see his minutes deplete. With no disrespect to Snelly, Khris has been the obvious clutch shooter of the team. He led the team in PPG with 18.2 and is a solid defender. It will be fun to see what Khris can do with the athleticism of his teammates.  Giannis and Jabari are a great 1-2 punch when driving to the hoop. Now plug in Middleton into that mix and you have a three headed beast that can drive, shoot, and play defense. “Kash” is a scoring machine that can take over late in the game and that’s what the Bucks need right now.

Jason Kidd told the media on Tuesday that Khris will be getting 15-20 minutes on the court and coming off of the bench. The Bucks are at a low lottery pick right now and the season is not looking good. Jabari said jokingly on Tuesday “We’re going to look at him to save the season… Put the pressure on him” (Via @cf_gardner on twitter). Like Jabari said, there is a lot of pressure for Khris to come back and perform like his usual self. We’ll just have to wait and see how he adjusts against the Miami Heat.


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