Bucks Roundtable: 2017 Win Predictions


The Bucks return the majority of their roster from last year, but with expectations that this year will bring a step forward. So we turn to our crack team of Bucks analysts to get their win predictions.

John Turner

48 wins. This year I expect the Bucks to finish around 48 wins this year. The Bucks have brought back the same team this year with the obvious loss of Jabari Parker who is expected to be out until February or March. That being said the Bucks showed real promise once Middleton returned. The Bucks sported the 6th best record in the NBA from the time when KMidd came back until the end of the year (20-11 over the course of a season would equal 53 wins) including the best record in the NBA during the month of March. I think even Bucks fans underestimate what Khris can do for this team. A fully healthy KMidd with a full offseason of improvement under his belt, plus Giannis and company could be lethal in the depleted Eastern Conference.


Joe Franke

45 wins. What does a Michael Jordan Birmingham Baron’s jersey have in common with the 2017-2018 Milwaukee Bucks? The Number Forty Five. Forty five wins is where I place the Deer in the upcoming season. Why? The Bucks lack considerably in backcourt depth. In a conference where the top teams will field names like Irving, Thomas, Walker, and Wall, a weak backcourt will hinder a strong season.The Bucks have not won 50 games since 2001 and, unfortunately, the streak will continue this year. Bold prediction. The Charlotte Hornets will finish with a better record than the Milwaukee Bucks. Just as Jordan road the bus in ‘94, Bucks fans will too, for at least one more year.


Andrew Goodman

54 wins. I believe the Bucks will win 54 games this season. Aided by the continuous growth of Giannis Antetokounmpo and a healthy Khris Middleton, the Bucks are finally healthy going into the season. Thon Maker will continue to show flashes of brilliance and take the proverbial “next step.” Greg Monroe has been solid for the Bucks, and I expect his stock to continue to rise. Giannis will win MVP this season, just to let you guys know. Anything less than 50-wins and first round exit would be a HUGE failure for the Bucks. This will be the best Bucks team that we’ve seen in awhile.


Reid Mueller

45 wins. I know the expectations are high for this team, it’s finally time to take the next step. I know, I know. The problem is, this team only won 42 games last season, while getting the best from Malcolm Brogdon, Greg Monroe, and even Michael Beasley. The roster’s only chance at being better today than it was in April: Giannis and Thon Maker both taking significant leaps. Moving Tony Snell to the bench is essential for Greg Monroe having a chance to match his impact in 16-17. Also to note, Malcolm Brogdon is expected to be the starting point guard, while Moose played significantly worse without the rookie of the year on the floor to feed him. 50 wins isn’t out of reach, but I think it’ll require an MVP worthy season from 34.

Hunter Van Asten

50 wins. I realize this is a bold prediction. The Bucks have had one 50 win season in the past few decades, that being the 2001 season that saw the team progress to the Eastern Conference Finals. The team is poised to break out, much like Giannis did individually last season. The impact of continuity has been discussed, but it can’t be overemphasized. The team ended last year on a tear prior to their first round exit in the playoffs, and they’ll return nearly the same team this year. Given the state of the Eastern Conference, Milwaukee should load up on easy wins much of the year while boasting two all stars, with K-Midd joining Giannis in what is the most dilapidated conference in modern basketball history. Own the future is quickly becoming own the present.


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