Bucks Trade MCW to Division Rival Bulls

The Milwaukee Bucks have traded Michael Carter-Williams to the Chicago Bulls for the 24 year old, Tony Snell.  The Bucks were rumored to be interested in moving MCW all offseason, so this isn’t a big surprise.  He never really gelled with what the team was trying to do on the floor.  He seemed to be liked by his teammates, but just never developed the on court skills necessary to play with our core.   MCW needed shooters around him to allow him easier lanes to get to the rim, his handle wasn’t tight enough to operate in the tight lanes the team’s lack of spacing produced.  And from the Bucks’ perspective, once he went down with his torn labrum in his left hip, Giannis more than proved himself capable of running the show.  The offense looked the best it has since the Brandon Knight trade.  It just didn’t make sense to keep MCW around during his contract year in which the Bucks are probably going to be a lottery team again.  He wasn’t a part of the core.  It was time to move on, even if the return didn’t equal our investment.

Tony Snell isn’t as talented a player as MCW, but he fits our system much better.  He has a decent three point shot and defensive skill set, but he seems to stray away from what he does best.  Now, Snell isn’t a prolific three point shooter, but it is the most useful part of his offensive game.  When he gets to the rim uncontested, he’s capable of putting down an impressive dunk, but if he drives into traffic, he just doesn’t have the strength to finish when contested.  He shoots half his shots from within the arc, with very little to show for it, his driving just hasn’t been a productive thing for his team.  If he can change his game to fit the mold of the all so popular 3 and D role, he would fit into the starting line up very nicely.  The problem, most players have a hard time changing their playing tendencies. Michael Beasley will forever take frustrating shots.  Hopefully the coaching staff convinces him to play more to his skills.  Stop trying to do what you can’t, make your money hitting threes and locking them down on the other end.

Time will tell whether Tony ends up starting in place of the injured Khris Middleton.  His competition for the starting gig will be Malcom Brogdon and Rashad Vaughn.  All three of them theoretically have the skill sets necessary to play shooting guard with our starting line-up.  Malcom Brogdon plays with a level head, can help Giannis out of trouble with his ball handling skills, plays solid perimeter defense, and might be able to shoot the three ball; however, without MCW someone needs to run the offense for the bench unit.  Vaughn has a shooters stroke, even if he had a horrible rookie season, you hope he can figure it out and hit some shots this season.  I think Vaughn will get a couple starts this season to try to boost his confidence, and we’ll see how he plays, but I expect Tony Snell to end up with the job.  Malcom needs to play point for the bench until they acquire someone at least, and thus far Vaughn still looks hesitant to pull up on offense.

Tony Snell has been dealing with a sprained ankle, so we may not see him debut with the team until the regular season starts up October 26.  He’s a rental player who fits a need for us, about as good of a get as you could expect with MCW as the bait.  Hopefully he can make a positive contribution to the team this year, but with low expectations for the season, it’s a low risk move that allows us to audition a player with some talent, no biggie.


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