Central Standings Preview: #3 Detroit Pistons


This Detroit Pistons roster seems to be in the limbo that the old Milwaukee Bucks fell into so many times before, having a team that is a fringe playoff team so they are not good enough to competitively compete in the playoffs and not bad enough that they can get a franchise changing draft pick. The Pistons signing a decent number of role-players shows that they are leaning more towards the compete now mentality, I can’t blame them because of the volatility in the Eastern Conference it makes the Pistons able to fight for a playoff spot.


Projected Starters:

PG: Reggie Jackson

SG: Bruce Brown Jr.

SF:Tony Snell

PF: Blake Griffin

C: Andre Drummond

Key Reserves:

Derrick Rose

Luke Kennard

Markieff Morris

Thon Maker

Christian Wood

Similar to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Detroit Pistons have become another former Bucks players dumping grounds with Tony Snell, Thon Maker and Christian Wood. They also signed Derrick Rose in the off-season, I remember he was on Bucks fans trade or sign radars for quite a while and thankfully the Bucks never took the bait. As for the starting lineup it is going to be much of the same with most of their offense running through Blake Griffin, who has extended his range since coming to Detroit and then hoping that Andre Drummond gets anything that does not go in. As for their starting back court Bruce Brown and Reggie Jackson seem to be very below average starters, and as Bucks fans know Tony Snell is a great spot up shooter but if you expect him to do anymore than being in a catch and shoot role his efficiency goes way down. I would expect Derrick Rose to get about the same amount of run as Reggie Jackson this year with a strong probability of him becoming the starter. Markieff Morris is a guy that can come off the bench and score points. As for the former Bucks bigs, I would expect Christian Wood to get a lot more opportunities to player over Thon Maker. Even though Christian Wood had a small sample size with the Pelicans playing only 8 games but in those 8 games he averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds. Meanwhile Thon Maker hasn’t really done much of anything for the Pistons.

Outlook versus the Bucks:1-3

The Milwaukee Bucks played the Detroit Pistons a total of eight times last season, including a four-game series in the playoffs, and in those eight games the Bucks won all eight games. Even though the Bucks were clearly the better team it is still hard to beat any team eight times in one season. Even though Blake Griffin was limping through the playoff series verse the Bucks. Unlike the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers who had very little notable roster change, the Detroit Pistons were a playoff team who added competent NBA role-players like Derrick Rose and Markieff Morris, and the fact that the Buck beat the Pistons eight times last season I think that the Pistons will take one of the games in Detroit, considering their first home game verse Milwaukee on December fourth is coming off a back-to-back I wouldn’t say that would be the game they take. More than likely it will be their home game on February Twentieth which is four games after the all-star game which we can assume the Bucks should have some players participating in that weekend.

Projected Win/Loss: 44-38

The Detroit Pistons were a fringe playoff team last year just slipping in with a record at forty-one and forty-one. With the additions that they added this year I firmly think that they are a better team than last year, with some easy wins opportunities in the division against the Cavaliers and the Bulls and Kawhi Leonard leaving the East, the Pistons will be a better team than last year if they stay healthy; just not that much better than last year.


By:Michael Sawasky (@Sawask00)

(All stats via basketball-reference.com)




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