Central Standings Preview: #5 Cleveland Cavaliers


The NBA season is right around the corner, and with that it is speculation season, so I figured that I would go over all of the opposing teams in the NBA Central conference and talk about key additions and predict how they will finish this upcoming season.

To start we have the Cavaliers out of Cleveland, who finished with a lowly record of 19 wins and 63 losses in 2018. With a roster that has been decimated since Lebron left in 2018 it was up to Kevin Love to carry the burden each night along with Rookie Collin Sexton and Jordan Clarkson being the number 2 and 3 options respectively.


Projected Starters:

Collin Sexton
Jordan Clarkson
Cedi Osman
Tristan Thompson
Kevin Love


Brandon Knight
Matthew Dellavadova
Larry Nance Jr.
Darius Garland
John Henson

The biggest thing that stands out with the Cleveland Cavaliers roster is that they are the Milwaukee Bucks former players graveyard. Brandon Knight, Matthew Dellavadova and John Henson are all former players from the mid 2010’s Bucks fans surely remember. The fact that 3 of their main reserve players are former Bucks players that weren’t all that great when they were playing for MKE does not put the Cavaliers on great footing to start. In their starting rotation Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton are solid prospects but are far from being any NBA’s number two and three options on the court. Kevin Love is still Kevin Love, he is a solid pro, and although he is not putting up the 26 and 15 a night that he was able to put up while playing for the Timber-wolves he is a solid scoring option and easily still the Cavaliers best player. The player that I find the most interesting out of the current roster of guys is Darius Garland out of Vanderbilt University. As someone who lives in Nashville where Garland is from and played college I heard quite a lot about this guy and was able to catch quite a few of his games, and he has some obvious limitation including his small size and lack of ability to play defense, but he has one of the purest shooting forms that I have seen in a long time, and if he can get his shot down this season he can help with the Cavaliers some games.

Outlook versus the Bucks: 0-4

The Bucks play all division teams four times and are opening their season at home against the Cavaliers on October 28th against them. Then a little over a month later on November 29th they are playing at Cleveland, bringing it back against the Cavaliers at home on December 14th. Finally finishing against the Cavaliers April 11th. It is a safe a bet to say that the Milwaukee Bucks should beat the Cavaliers 4 times this season with the opening at home being a must win for Milwaukee, it is fair to say that is an easy win. The next two games are double headers which are usually ripe for upsets but in both instances the Bucks play them the first game of the double header, which most teams will usually take that game and then drop the next game due to fatigue. Last game on April 11th we would be assuming that the Cavaliers will be finishing out of playoff contention and would probably be in tank mode late in the season so they will not be too inclined to win that game if it can help secure a better draft spot.

Projected Win/Loss: 22-60

Considering the core of this team has not changed much from 2018, I would be hard pressed to say that they would not be on track for a similar season from last. They have added another point guard Darius Garland out of Vanderbilt. Who has one of the purest shooting forms that I have seen from an incoming NBA prospect in a while, and if he can get hot he should be able to help win some games, and with the NBA Eastern conference still having quite a few bottom feeders there are opportunities for them to win more games than they did last season, but honestly not much more than their low bar of 19 wins in 2018-2019.

By:Michael Sawasky (@Sawask00)


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