Cream City Central Playoff Roundtable


Before the Milwaukee Bucks begin their series with the Toronto Raptors, a few Cream City Central contributors got together for a roundtable. Here you can find our predictions for the series and which matchups to keep an eye on.

Andrew Goodman: Bucks in 7. The first game is always the toughest on the road, so I believe Milwaukee loses game one but comes right back to win games 2 and 3. The Raptors are a tough team, so this will be no easy task for the Bucks. However, the Bucks have ket veteran players with playoff and championship experience which I believe will play in their favor.

Key matchup: Malcolm Brogdon against Kyle Lowry. Brogdon will get the call in defending Lowry which is no easy task. Kyle Lowry is a known “Bucks killer” so slowing him down will be absolutely crucial if the Bucks want to win the series. Malcolm Brogdon has the quickness and strength to keep up with him, and I fully expect him to try and take it at Lowry on the defensive end.

Alexander Juneau:  I think the Bucks can steal one on the road and wrap it up in game 6 in Milwaukee. We have the best player in the series in Giannis and length to bother their stars. Tony Snell has a 6’11.5″ wingspan and Malcolm Brogdon is an inch shorter at 6’10.5″. Hope Derozan and Lowry can use their offseason to unsee the nightmares caused by all 14 feet of their arms.

Matchup:  Middleton vs Carroll  Khris has been slumping a bit of late, but if he was ever to show up now would be the time. He will likely be guarded by Carroll for parts of the series and while DeMarre is not the defender he was in Atlanta, he is still a good two-way player. The Buck’s success is dependent on Khris heavily out playing Carroll, if Khash heats up from 3 it could change the series. Khris defending Carroll should be a huge win for him as well, Khris is a better athlete at this point in their careers and Carroll is not that crafty on offense to begin with.

Jordan Krueger: I see Toronto winning in 5, maybe 6. Toronto kills the Bucks, match up very well against us, but haven’t been impressive in the playoffs. Only way the Bucks have a chance is if they steal one of the first two in Toronto.

Gavin Jerg: Here’s my thoughts on the Bucks series. Result: Bucks in 6. Matchup to watch: DeRozan vs Snell. I think Giannis and company are too long and athletic and will have the ability to get out and run in transition.




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