Giannis Playing Point-Center Brings Elite Flexibility

We’ve seen that Giannis is capable of being the primary ball handler for the Bucks.  Not only has he seen a boost in his individual stats, he’s made our most valuable core players better as well.  Khris Middleton is on a tear, and Jabari Parker looks like the prodigy once more.  Jason Kidd made the tough choice, and put the ball in the right hands.   With Michael Carter Williams out for season, Giannis should be the team’s primary ball handler the last month of the season.

Jason Kidd has shown he’s willing to tinker and see how things work.  If he decides to experiment with Giannis at center, the Bucks could have one of the elite offenses in the league.  Playing Giannis at center allows us to spread the floor much like the warriors do playing Draymond at center; however, Giannis has the length to play more minutes at the position.  Giannis has been hitting that ten assist mark plenty as of late, despite there still not being ideal spacing.  As useful as Miles Plumlee has been on the defensive end, he still clogs a potential lane for Giannis to drive and kick.  Removing that cog allows Giannis to play with four shooters, and guys, Giannis with 4 scorers around him…that’ll play.

I think the biggest problem surrounding a potential position change is whether Giannis can handle the additional physical impact.  Some extra spacing isn’t worth Giannis hurting his back, but if he can get to the stringy Larry Sanders esque physique, he could hold his own on the glass without destroying his body.

The best thing that would come from Giannis playing a position up is the spot opens up spots for all our key prospects.  Jabari has the forward spot opened, Khris gets to move to his more natural position at the three, and Vaughn gets to move into the starting line-up giving us the potential to have four dynamic scorers on the floor at once.  Also, if we don’t find an upgrade at the point this summer, Jerryd Bayless and Tyler Ennis can play off the ball as a spot up shooters.  Hell, we could even trade MCW to the dumpster-fire Sacramento Kings for Ben Mclemore and just play a 3 and D guy.  We’d be almost as flexible as the Warriors and Spurs, with the star power of the Thunder, except far too young to accomplish much with our talent.  Still, next year would be Giannis’ big break out season, and if the league gets caught up in his nightly triple double chase, he could even end up in MVP talks.

The biggest take away from the team’s recent shake up is J-Kidd’s willingness to experiment creating a better system.  A lot of guys are too afraid to experiment and just rehash what’s working around the league.  Not Jason, he’s more the mad scientist, which may come with some quirks, but success defuses quirks.  Next season should be worth hyping up.


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