Make No Mistake, Malcolm Brogdon Is The Rookie Of the Year


Savvy, calm, cool, and collected are just a few words to describe Milwaukee Bucks rookie point guard Malcolm Borgdon.

The 36th pick out of Virginia has taken the NBA by storm with his work ethic and professional demeanor. His nickname is The President for a reason. His attitude and how he carries himself reminds me of Spurs star Kawhi Leonard. They are both extremely quiet, hard working players.

To me, it’s quite obvious that Malcolm Brogdon is this years NBA Rookie Of the Year. He is undoubtedly the unsung hero of the Milwaukee Bucks this season. He is an anchor with the starting 5, and even when he occasionally comes off the bench.

His competition for the award both hail from the Philadelphia 76ers, they are Dario Saric and Joel Embiid. However, Embiid has only played in 31 games this season, and his lack of games played hurts his chances at winning the coveted award.

Dario Saric on the other hand, is a solid NBA player, but he is not Rookie Of the Year material. Saric played professionally in Europe before coming to the NBA, so he’s had more seasoning than Brogdon has. Also, Philadelphia has an awful record of 28-53. I thought the award was given to the player with the most impact on his team?

The President has helped Milwaukee clinch a postseason birth and a winning season (42-39). He recently sat out 5 games, and the Bucks went 2-3 in his absence from the lineup. The team is completely different with Brogdon, he really helps elevate the Milwaukee Bucks to a new level.

With season averages of 10 points per game, 3 rebounds and 4 assists, the numbers don’t jump off the chart at you, but his impact is what’s most undersold about Malcolm Brogdon. He is also shooting a terrific 45% from the field, a tremendous 40% from three and he is ultra reliable at the free throw line at 86%.

He is on pace to be one of 4 rookies in NBA history to shoot above 40% from three. The other players who have done that in NBA history? Larry Bird, Stephen Curry and Deron Williams. That’s some elite company right there.

Sure, Dario Saric is averaging 12 points per game to go along with 6 rebounds, but make no mistake, he plays on an embarrassing Philadelphia 76ers team. He is also shooting a poor 41% from the field, and a laughable 31% from three.

Since Dario Saric plays on a losing basketball team, he has way more opportunites than Malcolm Brogdon because most of Philadelphia’s games are always in garbage time.

Also, Brogdon’s stats per-36 minutes is better than Saric in almost every category. While he isn’t the scorer that Saric is, Brogdon makes winning plays with his hustle and excellent court vision. His savviness has won the Milwaukee Bucks multiple wins this season, especially in San Antonio and Boston against the Celtics.

He won’t admit it, but the Chief (Malcolm Brogdon) is the frontrunner for the award. His stealth campaign for rookie of the year has been an amazing development to watch, and he is already a fan favorite in Milwaukee. He is the perfect example of “hard work pays off, you get out what you put in.”

Rather than having the Bucks make a campaign for him winning Rookie Of the Year, he would rather have the Bucks give that money to charity. What a guy. Hats off to you, Malcolm. He is a true consummate pro.

With the playoffs next up for Brogdon and the Bucks, I fully expect him to rise up to the challenge and give it his all. His play will be critical for the Bucks if they want to potentially upset the 3-seed Toronto Raptors.

Bottom line is, Malcolm Brogdon helps his team win games. Which not only separates him from all other rookies this season, but from most rookies in NBA history.


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