Making an All-Star: How to Promote Giannis for an All-Star Game Starting Spot


Giannis Antetokounmpo is the hottest up and coming superstar in the NBA and he plays right here in Milwaukee. While all Bucks fans know how special Giannis is, the rest of the nation is still coming around to the Greek Freak due to Milwaukee being a smaller market. Giannis is having a spectacular season and has been one of the best players in the league to start the season. Whether it’s his huge dunks, flashy passes, or ten foot gyro-steps, every night the Bucks take to the court you’re going to see plenty of Giannis highlights on social media. This all combines to the perfect storm for the first ever NBA All Star game appearance of Giannis.

 If you think watching Giannis is fun during an actual game, just imagine the joy you will reach when you see him in an exhibition game that is notorious for having no defense played. The Bucks haven’t had a player make an all star team since Michael Redd earned that honor in 2004. Yes thats right its been a long 12 years since the Bucks have had a player make an Eastern Conference All Star team. This year is the best chance Bucks fans have at seeing that happen again, and with a little effort the 21 year old star might even get the chance to start.

The All Star game starters are selected by a popular vote that takes place all over social media (No electoral college for this voting system!) If fans are able to garner up enough support for Giannis, Milwaukee will have their first all star player in more than a decade. Now you might be thinking “Sign me up! How do we do this?” Well that’s what this guide is for. Today we will go over the best ways to campaign for Giannis starting in the 2017 NBA All Star Game.

Tell all of your friends and their mothers to watch the Bucks to witness the Freakiness for themselves and immediately vote for Giannis.

Now this one is probably the easiest strategy and is definitely an effective one. Fans love the goofy and fun personality Giannis has. That coupled with his great talent makes him a fan favorite therefore making it easy to support him and fans want to see him get the recognition he deserves.

Get a “Giannis All Star 2017” Tattoo and post it to Twitter to make a viral campaign.

People love to laugh at other people online for their dumb decisions, like getting prediction tattoos. You see people getting the “Green Bay Packers Super Bowl 51 Champs” tattoos for example and it gains a lot of attention online. All it takes is one tweet by Darren Rovell and everyone is talking about this tattoo with the all important message on it.

Drop a mixtape full of Giannis and Bucks inspired songs.

Giannis featuring Delly would fly up the Billboard charts.
Giannis featuring Delly would fly up the Billboard charts.

Everyone loves a good mixtape, especially one that has a meaningful, deep message behind it. Bucks fans have never failed us with great, creative ideas and I do believe they can put together some straight fire. Drop a couple of Thon and Super Cool Beas rhymes and boom, you got everyone talking.

Run across the court with a Vote for Giannis T-shirt

This one is the most troubling idea, but if we’re being honest it would be pretty effective. When have you ever seen a streaker go ignored on social media? Yeah I can’t think of one either. Videos will be all over Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit with the message showing loud and clear. Hey, it might have brought LeBron back to Cleveland with this guys’ help. Why not give it a try?

Give out smoothies with Giannis’ face plastered all over the cup to people all over Milwaukee.

As we all know, Giannis loves himself a smoothie. But who doesn’t? Going across the city with Giannis smoothies would make the citizens of Milwaukee happy and would definitely get a positive reaction on social media. Plus you know you want to post a Giannis Smoothie cup picture on your Snapchat story.

We have the campaign ideas, and we have the player to support. Everyone wants to see Giannis in the all star game, whether it’s by the fan vote or by coaches selection. It would be huge for the city of Milwaukee and more importantly it would be huge for the Bucks. Giannis is a once in a lifetime player and to have him in a Bucks Uniform is something that can turn this franchise around and make the team a consistent force in the East.

NBA All Star voting opens soon, so while we wait we can get these ideas rolling and make sure Giannis gets the nod in New Orleans.



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