Mid(ish)-Season Grades for the Bucks


Hawes & Middleton not included: not enough minutes logged.

Players are in numerical order


Jason Terry: B-

Terry doesn’t put up sexy numbers; he’s averaging just 3.7/1.1/1/3. He has a WS of just 1.2 and a PER of a measly 8.4. However, Terry was signed with his age, 39, in mind. The Jet wasn’t expected to do much, just be a veteran leader and hit a few 3’s when called upon. He has done both of those things tremendously. Terry can often be seen ‘coaching’ players as soon as they come out of the game. On top of that, Terry has posted his highest TS% since the 2004-05 season when he was in Dallas. He’s also shooting just shy of 43% from deep, which is all the more impressive when you see that nearly ¾ of his shot attempts are from 3(73%). The Jet has done everything he’s been asked to do at a high level and that’s all we can ask for as fans.


Thon Maker: C+

Thon’s grade was difficult because he doesn’t really get a whole lot of minutes, logging just 7.7 MPG on the season, but when he does he uses them to his full advantage. The big man out of Sudan has impressive Per 100 numbers, posting 22.9/1.2/10.6/2.3b. However, the reality is, Kidd doesn’t give Thon minutes. It’s unlikely that he sees a viable amount of minutes to showcase his talents, despite Jabari’s season-ending injury and with the recent Terrence Jones signing, his minutes may even be cut more. That being said, Thon has proven himself to be a viable rim protector. Despite a defensive rating of over 110, Maker is holding his opponents to 47.9% shooting overall, and just over 50% from less than 6 feet. It’s important to remember how poor The Bucks’ defense as a whole is when looking at Thon’s DRTG. When the guards in front of you have difficulty containing perimeter players, they’re going to drive more, resulting in more pressure on the inside guys.


Matthew Dellavedova: D+

Delly has been less-than-stellar to say the least. A scrappy 3-and-D player out of Australia, Dellavedova was signed by MIlwaukee this past summer for those exact reasons. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lived up to expectations. Delly has posted his worst defensive rating in his career this season(109.5) and is shooting just 34% from the arc. Dellavedova also holds an abysmal -1.0 VORP to his name(Value Over Replacement Player) and a -4.8 BPM(Box Plus/Minus). Overall, Dellavedova hasn’t really worked out for Milwaukee. He oftentimes looks lost and doesn’t at all fit with Kidd’s system. That being said, he has appeared to be stepping it up as of late. If you aren’t familiar with the BPM stat, here’s a link that explains it: http://www.basketball-reference.com/about/bpm.html


Michael Beasley: A-

About six minutes into Beasley’s first media day interview with Milwaukee, he said “I just got a knack of putting things in a bucket.” He wasn’t lying. Beas has been one of Milwaukee’s more reliable scorers & often comes up with a bucket when we need it most. He’s got the third highest OffRtg on the team, behind only Monroe and Brogdon, despite only playing less than 20 MPG and posting less than 10 PPG. Beasley has been a victim of mis-positioning throughout his career. Playing a majority of his minutes at SF, he hasn’t felt super comfortable in most of the cities he’s been in. Beasley has thrived in Milwaukee. Playing most of his minutes at PF, Beasley is shooting 61% from 9 feet in, and 42% from deep. B-Easy has been able to get Milwaukee a bucket right when we need it all season long, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Jabari Parker: B+

Unfortunately, I did need to take Jabari’s injury into account for this one. He was fantastic, and had finally started to look like the player everyone thought he could become plus some more. Jabari actually developed a somewhat reliable 3 ball as the season progressed, or at least showed signs of improvement. Jabari’s 3P% shot up from just 26% last year, to 37% this season. And then it happened.But let’s not dwell on the past; Jabari has improved in just about every statistical category there is from last season. His TRB% is up,as well as his DRB%, his FTr(Free Throw rate-number of FT attempts per FG attempt) is up too, which shows he’s driving to the basket more often and with more aggression. His TS% is the highest it’s ever been and so is his PER. Jabari had been great for us this season, and it really sucks that we’ll have to continue without him.


Malcolm Brogdon: A

Brogdon is consistent and as reliable as it gets. His numbers don’t look great on paper, averaging just 9.8/2.6/4/2/1.2stl, but he does everything the right way. His basketball IQ is beyond his age and experience, as he averages less than 2 turnovers per game. Given the fact that The Prez is a rookie with a usage rate of over 18, that’s tremendously impressive. Ranked third on nba.com’s Rookie Ladder currently, Brogdon shot nearly 49% from the field in the month of February and a NetRtg on 9.5. Brogdon has a real chance to win the Rookie of the Year award, however stealing it away from Saric or even Embiid, who has been ruled out for the remainder of the season, will be no easy feat. If Brogdon were to pull it off, he’d be the first Buck to win the award since 1970.


Greg Monroe: B

Despite opposition from many fans in Milwaukee, Monroe has thrived in the Cream City this season. Moose’s NetRrg of 5.4 is the highest of his career. In fact, it’s the first time he’s has a positive one ever. He’s also posted career highs in OffRtg, AST/TO and AST Ratio. His TS% is the highest it’s been since his rookie year and his Reb% is the highest it’s been since the 2011-12 season. Though his defensive presence still isn’t quite what Bucks fans have wanted, he’s improved tenfold from previous seasons. He’s become an extremely valuable scoring option off the bench, with a +8.7 On/Off to his name.


Rashad Vaughn: C-

I considered leaving Rashad off the list completely, as he’s logged just over 300 minutes on the season. Vaughn had a short stint in the D-League before returning to the team. Rashad Vaughn was drafted with 3 point shooting in mind and he has fallen quite short of expectations. He shot under 30% from deep last year, and has shot just 33% this season. While that is an improvement, it’s not one we should need to acknowledge. He’s shooting just 26% on 2 pointers as well. With all that being said, I do think it’s a bit early to ‘give up’ on Mr. Showtime. Who knows? Maybe he improves his 3pt% by 4% every single season and ends up being a knockdown shooter from anywhere on the floor. This season, though, he’s been less than impressive.


Tony Snell: A-

This may seem a bit high for a guy who really just shoots 3’s(nearly 68% of his FGAs are 3’s) but hear me out. Snell has prospered in his role for Milwaukee. He’s posted a career high TS% of 59%. Also noteworthy is the fact that he shot nearly 50% on 3’s in the month of February and has an EFG% of 62.7%. In January, his 3PT% was 52% with an EFG% of 74.3%. Even more impressive, Snell is also in the process of posting the highest OffRtg of his career at 107.0 this season. To not bring Snell back next season would be a travesty.


John Henson: C-

Henson has received a ton of backlash from fans this season, and unfortunately, most of it is warranted. Despite the fact that his offense is essentially limited to his left-handed hook, he’s posted the highest OffRtg of his career at 104.8. That being said, he is oftentimes a liability. The ball movement seems to freeze once he touches the ball and his game is extremely one dimensional and not very good in general. Lineups with Henson in them average -1.7 rebounds fewer than the opponent. On top of that, Milwaukee’s points, offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds all go down with Henson on the floor.


Giannis Antetokounmpo: A+

Can I say anything that hasn’t been said before? The Greek Freak has surpassed all of our expectations up to this point and it’s still looking up. The first All-Star from Milwaukee since Redd in 2004, and the first starter since Moncrief in 1984. Giannis is averaging 23.2/8.7/5.5/1.7stl/1.9blk. He’s 22 years old. Antetokounmpo is also posting an astounding OWS(Offensive Win Shares) of 6.2 and a DWS of 3.2. Beyond the numbers and stats, Giannis has put Milwaukee basketball back on the map. Despite the sub-.500 record, the Bucks are again a recognizable name because of him. The young core begins and ends with him. As I said before, the only direction is up.


Mirza Teletovic: C

Signed this past summer for being a viable option to spread to floor at the PF position off the bench, Mirza has not ‘flopped’ but he also hasn’t really ‘shined’ either. He’s shooting 34% from deep, and has a TS% of 51.8%. His shooting is valued though, as he shoots nearly 39% from the arc in wins, and just 30% in losses. He’s been about as middle-of-the-road as can be.


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