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Giannis Antetokounmpo drives baseline in last weeks game against Memphis – Bucks Gallery

The Bucks went 1-2 on the week, with a close win over the Orlando Magic, a competitive loss to the Miami Heat, and a blow out loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Bucks fell to 20-29 with it appearing like it will take 44 wins to make the playoffs these losses in winnable games could really hurt the Bucks down the stretch. It would likely take something like a 24-9 finish to the season or slightly below that to make the playoffs. The Bucks will not be mathematically eliminated for a long while, but they are coming upon a make or break stretch in these next 5 games before the all star break. Those games are in order: @Sacramento (20-27), @Portland (22-26), @Utah (21-25), Vs Boston (27-21), and Vs Washington (21-24). Not exactly a murderers row, but definitely a series of teams that are competitive and no free wins, a losing record in these 5 would all but eliminate the Bucks from playoff contention at 22-32.

Jabari Parker made the Rising Stars game, but made it clear that games like this held little meaning to him. He made a point of being much more interested in honing his craft and working his way to becoming a contributing player on a contender. This was really refreshing to hear from a young player, that he was not that interested in individual accolades.

4/30/2014 - Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre - Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd during a timeout in the 1st half.
4/30/2014 – Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre – Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd during a timeout in the 1st half.

Coach Kidd returned to the sidelines earlier this week and recorded a win against the struggling Orlando Magic. Which was also CCCNight which was an abundant success and we plan to hold another in the very near future and encourage all of our fans to join us. We love interacting with the community! Kidd’s return was solid, but not spectacular. Our own Sylvan Zarwell broke down the return of Jason Kidd Here. Kidd will likely not encounter any job pressure this summer, but one has to wonder if next season does not go well if Lasry and Edens would tolerate mediocrity.

Khris Middleton has definitively established that he is the Bucks alpha dog on offense this week. Our own Quin Voet breaks down Khris’s statistical excellence right here.  If the Bucks do go on a run the brings them to the playoffs look for Khris to be at the heart of that run to excellence. He has been performing an near all star levels over the last two months, if the Bucks were on pace for more than 33 wins he likely woud have gotten some all star votes.

With the trade deadline fast approaching there are a lot of questions facing Milwaukee. Will they move one of their starters in a major shakeup? Will they make a move at all? Will fan favorite Johnny O’Bryant survive the turmoil? Find out here as our crack team of panelists break down some burning questions facing the Bucks and their imminent future!

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